Working and fighting together to overcome the epidemic

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Koodee Staffs carefully pack all the water bottles according to the required quantities of each hospital. Especially packed together some draft drawings with best wishes and encouragement that drawn by some kind children. By transportation vehicles, these items was directly sent to Suizhou city, Hubei Province. and already well received by the front-line medical staffs and patients.


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Koodee factory on Local TV news

Congratulations! Foshan Koodee metal co., Ltd. is on local TV reported their OEM + Private label model get a great success in European & USA market.

Koodee Bottle: Foundry breaks new ground|Quality Revolution, Cluster Breakthrough Koodee Metal Co.,Ltd, the factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. In 2013, Koodee Metal Co.,Ltd founder Liu Xinquan(named as Koodee) built a factory in Danzao, Nanhai, Foshan, the “China Daily Hardware Capital”, to produce thermos cups. In 9 years, with its advantages in quality and design, Koodee has become a supplier of many internationally renowned brands and supermarkets. For a long time, Koodee has always insisted on only doing OEM, not its own brand, and strengthening the

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