What You Need To Know About The Stainless Steel Water Bottle Factory

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle Factory

When a stainless steel water bottle factory starts to churn out thousands of bottles every day, the demand for their products begins to rise exponentially. With competition in this industry getting harder by the day, it is almost impossible for any company to survive without coming up with something new and fresh to offer to consumers. As more companies open their doors, the market becomes saturated with what they are offering and the quality they are producing goes way up. If you are looking for a product that will make an impression with people you meet and interact with on a daily basis, then the solution is clear. A stainless steel water bottle is exactly what you should be looking for as a promotional item.

One of the most important things to remember about the design of a bottle is its longevity. People are always in need of safe, pure drinking water; therefore, the manufacturers of such products should not compromise quality for just a few pennies. It is therefore essential that you choose the right product from a reputable company, one that will give you great results every single time. The entire process is one of high technology and precision machinery; hence, you need to be sure about the kind of equipment and material that your stainless steel water bottle factory uses. Since most of these companies use a combination of stainless steel and copper plate for the production process, thermal transfer printing is done using the same technology.

Thermal transfer printing is basically a term used for any printing technique that involves heat. The technique has the ability to print on a wide range of products, including stainless steel water bottles. The stainless steel water bottle factory will usually start with the design and then proceed to the printing step. The main component that is involved in the whole process is a special stainless steel vacuum flask that is coated on all sides with a special epoxy compound. This epoxy coating gives the flask a metallic look and feel. In order to provide it with a consistent metallic feel, special tools are used to apply the chemical onto the stainless steel vacuum flask.

The epoxy coating is a vital part of the entire thermal transfer processing. The stainless steel vacuum flask is passed through a heating chamber to melt the chemical into liquid form. At the same time, special tools apply a controlled amount of pressure onto the flask in order to heat up the interior part of the stainless steel water bottle. The heat melts the epoxy film to form a thin reflective layer on the stainless steel water bottle. The entire procedure is completed by dipping the hot stainless steel vacuum flask into a container of the desired color.

There are two different kinds of thermal transfer printing technology currently available. These are the direct thermal transfer printing and the indirect sublimation transfer systems. In the direct thermal transfer printing system, the printer simply needs to heat up the chemicals, which are contained within the bottles, in an automatic process. The time taken to complete the task is just a matter of seconds. When the process is completed, the bottles can be easily cooled down using a cooling machine, thus reducing the possibility of physical damage.

Due to its unique properties, the indirect sublimation transfer system offers a much quicker turnaround time. The overall production time is reduced to just a few hours, depending on the total production volume. Unlike direct thermal transfer printing, in the indirect sublimation transfer system, an inert gas is heated up. This gas is then passed through a pressurized container which is filled with the desired color coating. A unique valve is used to control the rate of heat transfer.

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