Koodee Bottle: Foundry breaks new ground|Quality Revolution, Cluster Breakthrough

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Koodee Metal Co.,Ltd, the factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province.

In 2013, Koodee Metal Co.,Ltd founder Liu Xinquan(named as Koodee) built a factory in Danzao, Nanhai, Foshan, the “China Daily Hardware Capital”, to produce thermos cups. In 9 years, with its advantages in quality and design, Koodee has become a supplier of many internationally renowned brands and supermarkets.

For a long time, Koodee has always insisted on only doing OEM, not its own brand, and strengthening the position of OEM by improving the level of production and manufacturing. Every day, nearly 30,000 vacuum flasks go out of the workshop and are branded with the brand logo before buying them to consumers all over the world.


However, as we all know, OEM and brand marketing are at the low and high points of the smile curve respectively, and their added value is far from each other. Even Foxconn, which has the title of “Global Foundry King”, has to try to transform and manufacture free-brand equipment in the face of huge growth gaps.

For Koodee, based on the continued growth of the global vacuum flask market, OEM manufacturing is still promising. But in the face of the complex and changeable international trade and the upgrading domestic consumer market, Liu Xinquan also began to think about whether he can make a name in the market through his own brand.

From the stainless steel ice cube factory to the stainless steel vacuum flask factory, Koodee seized the business opportunity of the “plastic ban” and aimed at a new industry, namely the stainless steel vacuum flask. Whether for foreigners who like to drink ice or Chinese who like to drink hot water, heat preservation is an attractive selling point. Koodee predicts that the market potential of stainless steel vacuum flasks will be very large.

In 2013, Koodee founded the water bottle factory in Nanhai Danzao town, which is mainly engaged in the production and sales of stainless steel vacuum flasks. Danzao town is a well-known capital of daily-use hardware, with a wide variety of daily-use hardware products, well-developed transportation, and a gathering of skilled workers. Leveraging on the advantages of the industrial base, Koodee has developed rapidly and has become a medium-sized enterprise with a production base of ten thousands of square meters and more than 300 employees in 9 years.

Koodee’s position on the stainless steel water bottle factory is very clear, specializing in the OEM of stainless steel vacuum flasks, and customers aiming at internationally renowned brands. In his view, OEM stainless steel water bottle manufacturing is not always inevitable, and the selection of high-quality customers is also an important reason for Koodee’s sustainable development.

For foundry companies, making high-tech products is also conducive to building a moat and forming an advantage that is not easy to replace.

In order to improve production technology and product quality, Koodee has made great efforts to introduce high-tech talents and advanced machinery and equipment. At present, most of the processes in Koodee stainless steel vacuum water bottle factory have realized manipulator production, and the painting process has realized fully automatic dust-free painting.


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