your tap water may contain plastic, researchers warn - plastic drink container with tap

by:Koodee      2019-08-21
your tap water may contain plastic, researchers warn  -  plastic drink container with tap
Paris -
On Wednesday, a study based on 14 national samples said that people may consume 3 000 to 4 000 kinds of particulate plastics from tap water every year.
While health risks are unknown, the researchers noted previous findings that plastic particles can absorb and release potentially harmful chemicals and bacteria.
In the survey, 159 samples of tap water were analyzed, of which "83% were found to contain plastic particles," and researchers from the University of Minnesota and the State University of New York, in a paper entitled "invisible things: plastic in our bodies, "the report says.
The team said that while many studies have focused on plastic contamination of lakes, rivers, oceans, beaches, and even the air we breathe, there is less concern about its presence in human consumables.
This is the first survey conducted.
They added that plastic is contained in drinking water.
Samples were collected in Kampala, Uganda in the first three months of this year;
New Delhi, India;
JAKARTA, Indonesia;
BEIRUT, Lebanon; Quito, Ecuador;
Several cities in the United States and seven European countries.
All of this was sent to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis for laboratory testing.
Most of the particles found so far are fibers from 0 to 0.
Length is 1 to 5mm.
The range is from zero to 57 per liter of water, with an average of 4.
34 capsules per liter.
"The highest density of plastic in each volume of tap water was found in North America, and the lowest density was found in seven European countries," the team wrote . ".
According to the recommendation, more research needs to be based on 3 liters of liquid consumption per day, and if a person chooses a drink that is tap water or tap water, he may consume up to 14 plastic particles per day, the author said.
For women, this is equivalent to about 10 particles for the intake of 2. 2 litres.
"These daily doses add up to more than 4 000 for men and 3 000 for women," the team wrote . ".
"These plastic particles are other than the plastic that may be consumed in other products such as sea salt, beer and seafood.
"A January study said that from this source alone, European shellfish consumers may consume up to 11 000 microplastics per year.
The researchers used the same plastic container that collected the samples to test the water processed by the laboratory to eliminate plastic contamination of the bottle itself.
"The results of this study are useful. . .
As a preliminary understanding of the consequences of the use of human plastics [and]
"Disposal rather than a comprehensive assessment of global plastic pollution," the group concluded . ".
They called for further testing to gather more data on potential pollution sources, pathways, and risks to human health. Micro-
The length of the plastic is less than 5mm, about the size of sesame seeds.
They take "micro-
Used for scrubbing and "beads" in toothpaste, can also be produced when the larger plastic waste is degraded.
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