your summer guide to a healthy and eco-friendly bbq - glass containers with silicone sleeve

by:Koodee      2019-08-27
your summer guide to a healthy and eco-friendly bbq  -  glass containers with silicone sleeve
If it's a good summer day, you have to make good use of it.
You can turn it into a pool day, walk outside, try paddling, do yoga in the park, or my favorite ---
Throw a great BBQ on the beach.
Whether it's July 4 or Saturday night, eating outside is a great way to spend time with family and friends.
Unfortunately, some traditional barbecue foods tend to be high in calories and fat, and if you are not careful, plates, forks produce a lot of waste at the end of the day, and cups
So why not upgrade your hosting skills with some Ecology at your next party?
Friendly, reusable products and a healthier diet?
According to the Committee on the conservation of natural resources, about 80% of marine waste comes from land, most of which are plastic waste.
This pollution accumulated in our oceans and waterways over the years has had a serious impact on the environment and the economy.
Not only does it affect the health of this contaminated wildlife, but it also affects human health through the toxic contaminants found in the water and the marine organisms we touch.
The good news is that we can help reduce waste and toxic contaminants in the environment by taking steps, no matter how small, to minimize the use of disposable supplies and plastics!
I'm not saying you have to clean every single one-time plastic item in your home in one day.
Instead, at your own pace, replace these projects with more sustainable alternatives.
Take a moment to see your home and lifestyle and see how you fit into the ecology
Friendly practices in your daily life.
Your Summer BBQ is a great start!
Reusable drinks.
This summer, plastic cups are delivered by investing in durable and reusable drinking utensils.
For cocktails, put a cute pair of glasses in the silicone sleeves to prevent breakage.
For water, why not encourage your guests to bring their own reusable bottles?
Bringing your own reusable bottles is a great way to keep moisture and reduce plastic waste in the hot sun.
Healthier marinade
Check out the list of ingredients in your favorite store-
Bought before you apply the marinade to the meat.
If MSG is listed, you may need to reconsider using it.
The common MSG and other artificial food additives in sauces and marinades are constantly attacked for their potential harmful effects on human health.
Make your own barbecue condiments to make them healthier!
Try this clean Italian sauce with juicy chicken and Turkish burgers. Homemade sides. Store-
The potato salad and macaroni that you buy usually contain fattening mayonnaise and preservatives, and it's time to make it better!
It's easy to provide a healthy side with recipes like this black bean and corn salsa, country potatoes or bacon brussels sprouts.
Kays EatsSuperior appliances.
Does anyone really like to eat with plastic cutlery?
In addition to the fragility and instant weapons generated when your fork is stuck in half, disposable plastic utensils are also very wasteful.
If you have a large party and can't provide as many reusable forks and knives as you need, you can choose a biodegradable alternative that does less damage to the environment.
A healthier cocktail
There is a lot of hot air on the grill, so you will want to have a holiday drink to cool down.
You can skip the extra sugar and artificial ingredients and you can still make your favorite wine by looking for homemade recipes for some ingredients.
By making this watermelon mint Martini, jalapeno and grapefruit margar Tower, it has all the flavors without a high-calorie mixer.
For a very quick thirst-
Quer, brew this wine and ginger beer sangria in 5 minutes or less.
Wild mint InstagramBe for leftovers.
Our eyes are usually larger than the stomach, which can cause a lot of waste.
The best way to avoid wasting food is to have enough food storage containers on hand!
Disposable plastic is the least eco-friendly option as mentioned above, so try a glass food storage container or a stainless steel container.
These types are made without potentially harmful chemicals used to make hard plastic so your food can be kept clean and healthy!
What other ways do you think you can reduce waste at summer parties?
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