woman's egg-shaped 'growth' in brain leads to unexpected find - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-29
woman\'s egg-shaped \'growth\' in brain leads to unexpected find  -  coffee mug & tumbler
A New York woman who thought she had brain cancer found that she had no tumor in her brain and she breathed a sigh of relief.
On January 2018, Rachel Palma began to show some strange symptoms, such as dropping a coffee cup and losing her short cup --term memory.
"Some days I don't know where I am," she told Today's show . ". The 42-year-
The old man finally did a brain scan and found out she had an egg.
Her head and Palma were told she needed a three-
An hour of surgery to remove it.
Dr. Jonathan lajolli, a neurosurgeon at Mount Sinai Medical System in New York, told Life Science that people are worried that the lesion may be cancer.
However, after the surgeon studied the scan further, they found that it was something completely different.
This finding made Dr. rasouuli and his colleagues "cheer and applaud" because it turned out that this growth was actually a worm.
The surgeon showed abc 7 a brain scan and described what they saw: "This is the lesion and you can see how it is enhanced --
The white here is very bright.
It's dark inside.
You saw the same thing here.
Parma never left the United States, but instead gave up trying to find out why, she celebrated that she had no cancer.
"I don't ask questions anymore, start celebrating, and make the most of life because it can be taken away in an instant," she said.
"In my opinion, there is no doubt that they saved my life," she said . ".
They gave me life.
"Having a parasite means that Palma doesn't have to have surgery, but instead gives her a strong course of antibiotics.
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