woman outraged as ‘well off’ in-laws insist she pay for broken glass - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-26
woman outraged as ‘well off’ in-laws insist she pay for broken glass  -  wine glass
Wine has 5 benefits for your health. It was a delicious family dinner
The law has passed.
Source: Getty Images anonymous momto-
Someone told the Mumsnet user that she had a non-drink
Alcohol model during her visit
Although she originally said "a glass of wine ".
She wrote: "Go to PIL (Parents-in-law)
Went home last weekend and had a drink and I accidentally dropped it.
"It's not a big deal. they don't care.
I get along well with FIL (Father-in-law)and MIL (mother-in-law)
Has been with DH (Dear husband)
It's been four years now and we will have our first child in four months.
"They are very rich . . . . . . As it is now, it is very rich.
I stayed with DH for three and a half beds.
So it's definitely not a good independent property.
"I didn't know it at the time, but it was obviously high --end.
FIL sent me an email this morning
The email said I could transfer the $ A280 to him or buy Glass online.
If I don't know yet, he even attached a link with their address.
Who knows how much it costs to break a glass?
Source: News Ltd. "At first, I thought it was a joke, but I realized that these people didn't have a sense of humor, so they obviously had to expect me to pay them as soon as possible.
I haven't told DH yet.
They were shocked because they were not known for being stingy.
She asked if it was unreasonable for her to refuse or "buy a $30 glass from Amazon.
Unsurpringly, as expected, other moms were shocked by the "rude" behavior
The "madness" requirement of the law.
Someone wrote: "This is sorted out for your DH.
How rude they are, the accident happened and you don't charge the guest for dropping the glass!
The other person said, "it's terrible!
I can't believe it.
They should not buy glasses that expensive unless they are ready to accidentally break one.
"Some people are even very surprised by the price of glass.
Someone said, "$ A280? !
Could you please give us a link?
I have never seen such expensive glass!
Another said: "I really want to see a glass worth $80.
From now on, I will bring it myself!
"Others have come up with helpful suggestions on how to deal with this super embarrassing issue.
It was suggested: "Buy them a plastic unbreakable wine glass for Christmas as a passive, positive, thoughtful gift.
Another added: "Buy a bubble package from Poundland.
Perhaps the best advice would be to reply to an email saying, "Haha, I love your sense of humor!
Thank you. it really makes me happy.
"Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend/anytime, how much love xx" another mom --to-
Recently, charging friends to take a bath with her baby caused a sensation.
At the same time, a woman on her first date refused to let the date pay for the meal, sparking a heated debate.
The article was originally published in the sun and re-published with permission.
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