woman expresses shock as in-laws send bill of £156 for broken wine glass - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-27
woman expresses shock as in-laws send bill of £156 for broken wine glass  -  wine glass
A woman received a bill for 156.
She accidentally broke a glass at their house. The mum-to-
Be is currently pregnant with her first child for five months and has been visiting them with her husband when the break happens.
At first, they seemed to express their indifference to this.
However, everything is not as explained by the woman on her mother's Internet. “Went to PIL’ [parents-in-law]
"I went home last weekend and had a drink and I accidentally dropped it," she wrote . ".
"It's not a big deal. they don't care.
The lady highlighted the fact that she thought she had a good relationship with her husband's parents and had been with him for four years.
However, despite their apparent lack of interest in the broken wine glasses, a few days later they continued to send an email to the woman asking her to repay or replace it.
"I didn't know at the time, but it obviously happened to be high-end," she wrote . ". “FIL [father-in-law]
Sent me an email this morning saying I could transfer 156 to him or buy Glass online.
I thought it was just a joke at first, but then I found out that these people didn't have a sense of humor.
"It's really shocking because they're not known for being stingy.
"The woman also stressed that although she was
The law is quite rich, and she and her husband are not financially stable.
She revealed that she would love to replace the wine glasses with 20 versions of Amazon and asked her Mumsnet user colleagues to express their views on the situation.
Many people think that in-
The law's demands on them were unreasonable, especially since they didn't seem to mind broken wine glasses at the time.
"He has the money to buy expensive glasses but does not have enough money to buy them," commented one person . ".
The other described the father. in-
He said: "You really see his true color now.
However, one person interjected that the woman should offer to replace the wine glass immediately, and he wrote: "If I break something in someone else's house, I will offer to replace it and hope to do so.
"Your FIL is rude to ask, but the form of OP [is poorer]Original poster
Not provided at first.
A mother angered last month by accusing her friend of taking part in her baby shower to pay for the event.
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