wine lovers don't need a glass menagerie - wine glass

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wine lovers don\'t need a glass menagerie  -  wine glass
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Did you shake your head in front of the store shelf full of wine glasses?
Or a page of wine.
Or Google glasses?
The choice is confusing.
Independent glasses of Cabernet and Merlot, Chardonnay or commander Lei.
Old World heibino, New World syrah, even Norton and Oregon heibino-
With the exception of Perth pink, each wine seems to have its own wine glass! And the prices.
The price of each glass may exceed $100.
Go and imagine that you can easily drain your bank account while filling up a repository with exquisite handmade crystals, all without the need to taste a drop of vino. Relax.
Whether you are a beginner in wine or a regular drinker, you can get it with a small amount of stemware. Three sizes —
Red, white and sparkling
It's enough, but you can talk to two (
One is wine, the other is sparkling wine)
There's even one.
You don't need to spend a lot of money to find a pair of glasses that respect your wine.
Wine glasses are not just tools to deliver wine to our mouths.
Its shape and size help us to enjoy the wine.
It should be transparent, not colored, and not carved, so we can evaluate the clarity and color of the wine.
That's why we hold the wine glass with a stem: greasy fingerprints mask the color of the wine, and the heat in our hands can warm the wine.
Enter the dryless glass.
Its advantage is that it is less snobbish and more stable in the dishwasher.
It is also difficult to knock at the crowded table.
It's good for casual drinking, and it sends a message that you're not pretentious.
Attend a more formal dinner or a higher level dinner
You may want to use traditional stemware.
The glass bowl should be like a tulip.
Wider bottom and narrow edge.
The narrow edges will concentrate the aroma of the wine on your palate, not on the shirt.
For the same reason, your glass should have a thin "cutting edge" instead of a thick "rolling edge ".
A smaller, narrower bowl will lead acidic wine (such as Commander Lei or acacia) to the tip of the tongue, while a larger, wider glass will lead meat, Daning red, such as red beads, in the middle of your palate
All of this wants to balance the wine and show it at its best.
The Austrian-based Riedel company developed this distinction by designing individual glasses for each wine variety and style, resulting in our choice and anxiety about purchasing a large number of stemware.
Riedel has a wide range of glasses, each with a price of up to $120 per rod, but it's great
Riedel is called Degustazione;
In the restaurant market, it sometimes appears in the retail market for about $10 per cup. Another high-
The price of Zalto, also a terminal manufacturer from Austria, is about $70.
These glasses are very delicate and are the favorite of many sommelier, so you can go to high schoolEnd restaurant.
A good one.
The glass, called "The One", is very balanced, similar to The unique shape of Zalto, and costs about $15.
Of course, there are red and white, so there are really two of your collections.
Then sparkling wine.
We all toast the bride and groom with cheap soda on a flat glass called "coupe" and blow champagne on the flute to celebrate the new year.
But if you're enjoying champagne or other sparkling food, consider investing in a glass of steam that is more like a tulip than a flute.
This will reflect the flavor of the wine.
Or, just use the white tulip wine glass;
You may lose some bubbles, but you will get cred for the taste and wine nerd for giving up the flute.
What glass should you buy?
Look for comfort in your hand and comfort in your wallet.
If you just have a drink once in a while, a model is fine.
If you are a regular drinker, consider a red glass and a white glass, and perhaps a sparkling glass.
I suggest that the price of the hundred pieces is roughly the same as the average price of your bottle of wine.
If you are a collector and often drink expensive stuff, it makes sense to invest in quality stemware --
More expensive glass will help to express the nuances you pay.
Whether or not Viognier and chardonnay need a separate suit is up to you. —
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