wine guy: back to wine school - wine glass

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wine guy: back to wine school  -  wine glass
Why do children have all the fun?
Adults can use the arrival of September as an opportunity to return to the Wine School.
It's hard to believe, but another summer is coming to an end.
Or at least school.
It is true that for many families, the summer of the year marks the season more than the Gregorian calendar.
But why do children have all the fun?
Adults can use the arrival of September as an opportunity to return to the Wine School.
In the spirit of lifelong learning, here are a few wine abc to get you started, because the more you know about wine, the more you will enjoy fermented grape juice.
Albarini oluza, Spain, 2016 ($17. 99, 886333)
A represents albarinho.
It is true that albarinho is not a grape that is often encountered.
However, this is a grape worth a visit.
Albarinho is actually a common white grape in Galicia, located in northwest Spain (
Or Alvarinho because it is called Alvarinho in the neighboring area of Portugal).
The cool climate makes wine vibrant-
In fact, a bottle like this attracts taste buds with its taste
The nuances of punch-in citrus and minerals lead to an overall stone fruit fragrance in a rich and fresh style.
It may be a bit exotic, but please don't make a mistake that albarini will be perfectly matched with local grilled fish and seafood.
Bottom line: B. Fresh and foodfriendly.
Bardonino kiretomonte de 2017, Italy ($15.
Until, limited quotation. 1, 169891)
B is from padorino kireto.
Bardolino Chiaretto DOC, or Denominazione di origine controlllata, is a designated Italian wine region that regulates the growth and production of wines.
Specifically, Bardolino Chiaretto DOC says wine from the region overlooking the southeast coast of Lake Garda, a pink wine known for its partial exposure to indigenous red Corvina skin, Ronaldinho and Molina la grapes.
Monte del Fra adds a little taste of sangiovis to the mixture, resulting in a red-faced wine sunset beauty with a floral and vanilla scent, before the juicy but elegant and lively finish, you can taste the sour fruit.
Bottom Line: Summer in glass.
Xiadoli, 2016 old field reserve, Tinhorn Creek ($34.
99, limited availability through Winery)
C represents Chardonnay.
True, Chardonnay may not be new or exotic for most wine lovers, but it is a wine that is ignored by many
Maybe it's because it's so "mainstream", or maybe it's because of the bad taste and memories of the people in the past in the oak chardonnay.
It's time to relive chardonnay in your glass.
Start with Tinhorn Creek's latest release of their old field reserve chardonnay to see how it balances, Grace and deliciousnessC.
Can be Chardonnay
The whole cluster is naturally fermented in new and old filled French oak barrels, followed by aging for 17 months in the combination of oak and stainless steel, resulting in a vibrant complex, and the perfect structure of chardonnay. (
Oh, the winery also has a variety of chardonnay wines for about $20. )Bottom line:A-
Elegant Chardonnay.
Whirlpool: wine plus WSET wine course ready to take your wine education to a new level?
You can go to wine school and a lot of classes will start soon.
Wine Plus has been ahead of the certified Wine and spiritual education trust curriculum since 2002, and since the first week of September, they have opened 1, 2 and Vancouver in petticton Kelowna, Victoria.
Details and prices and dates for registered access to wineplus vary. ca.
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