wine glasses are not all created equal - glass wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-14
wine glasses are not all created equal  -  glass wine glasses
Wine glasses of various shapes and sizes, prices may vary depending on the dollar
For a cup, the store offers a special price of over $ hundred.
So what's the difference, why should you make your glassware a priority to understand why, you have to understand that our taste-though it sounds strange-is through US
The "taste" in our mouth only refers to the basic feeling of sweet, salty and bitter.
The actual fruits, spices and other "flavors" found in the wine are actually the smells we feel on our nose and at the back of our "tronasally" or mouth.
You must have noticed that when you have a cold and your nose is blocked, you will not "taste" too much.
Therefore, the most important quality of the wine glass is that it can pass the fragrance out.
When a wine is poured out, its fragrance immediately fills the wine glass layer by layer depending on its density.
More floral and fruit flavors tend to be the lightest, with a higher taste found in glasses.
The aroma of oak and alcohol is closer to the surface of the liquid.
Since each grape variety has its own fragrance, wine glasses of different shapes enhance or weaken certain aromas.
One of the pleasures of drinking wine is smelling.
I like to sit in the back and spin my wine slowly in my wine glass.
While this looks good, this rotation increases the intensity of the fragrance and helps to mix them together.
This is why all the good glasses will gradually become thinner near the top to concentrate the fragrance.
As a function of the fragrance type, each glass has a different edge diameter and glass depth, helping to mix these scents in the right way.
As a result, most white wines tend to have more fruity, more pronounced aromas, and are usually brewed without oak, so they need to be smaller, more
As the aroma of red wine becomes more subtle, the wine glasses will become wider and deeper, requiring a larger surface area to release the fragrance.
Many of these glasses are larger, and while you may want to pour half a bottle in, don't do so.
They are big, so when you spin the wine, these different scents will have a lot of room to mix together so that the wine doesn't fly from the glass to the person next to you.
The correct pour is 3-4 ounces (90–120 mL)and that’s it.
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