wine glasses and ringing bells. - glass wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-13
wine glasses and ringing bells.  -  glass wine glasses
Any dinner guest who rubs wet fingers around the edge of the glass to make it "sing" may have experienced the ethereal sound of vibrating glass.
The sound also comes from instruments known as "glass harmony", which are usually composed of a series of wine glasses tuned to produce different notes.
The details of how these glasses vibrate to produce tones are less familiar.
Thomas D. physicist
Rossing at the University of Northern Illinois in dikalb brought some brandy sni devices and wine glasses into the lab.
Using a technique known as holographic interference, he produced images similar to a contour map indicating the amount of exercise at each point on a given glass.
Rossing concluded: "It sings like a bell . "
When it vibrates, the edge of the glass repeatedly changes its shape from a circle to an oval shape, showing a vibration pattern similar to that of a large solar clock.
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