wine glass tasting event in regina on sept. 7 - glass wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-15
wine glass tasting event in regina on sept. 7  -  glass wine glasses
See —
It's actually taste.
For yourself, what is the difference between a glass of wine when enjoying a good glass of wine.
Kitchen utensils and Riedel (
Austrian glass company, with international reputation for producing various specific wine glasses)
We joined forces to provide a unique tasting experience for the Reagan people.
In the past, I have participated in this type of tasting several times and it has never stopped surprising me how different the same wine tastes in different glasses.
Hope to see you at 6: 30. m.
Friday, Sunday.
Agra Torchinsky salon in McKenzie Art Gallery (3475 Albert St. ).
$125 for tickets (+ taxes, non-refundable)
Includes a glass tasting guide with Riedel Vinum XL tasting set and a selection of premium wines.
At the end of the evening, you can take that glass home.
Minors are not allowed for obvious reasons.
Appetizers and art galleries will continue until 9 in the evening. m.
You can spin, smell and sip with Riedel wine glass master Joel Simon, who continues to teach people to use a variety of hundreds of products, and the difference in taste is "day and night"
Limited tickets.
You can buy it at the kitchen gear store at 3418 Hill Avenue.
Or North Gate Mall
Visit the kitchen equipment website.
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