why this female founder is going old-school with her startup - cheap plastic drink bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-22
why this female founder is going old-school with her startup  -  cheap plastic drink bottles
OIE is shaving to make old.
School safety razor for women this time. The female-
The foundation brand is abandoning cheap disposable plastic shavers in an attempt to attract consumers to choose a more sustainable and durable alternative.
It seems to be working;
The company cannot keep their stock.
In 2014, Karen Young, founder of OIE shaving, worked at Estee Lauder.
Like many women, her daily life includes a specialized shaving system.
Therefore, razor burns have also become a predictable feature of her day, she said --to-day.
But the founder explained that it was a particularly serious razor burn that eventually prompted her to take some steps on it.
Before working at Estee Lauder, Young had spent several years running his own textile business.
She said the previous professional experience put her in a comfortable position to start her latest adventure, Oui shaving.
"It is the combination of D2C marketing, branding and my experience in luxury beauty that prepares me to build Oui Shave," she said . ".
A safety razor is an inevitable ancient for many millennials-fashioned.
Maybe their father once had one.
Young explained that in the 1970s, dual patents
Safety razor with edge and single knife
The rimmed syringe razor is about to expire;
In addition, the largest blade manufacturer sold their machines.
Instead of using safety razors, the company is moving into the money-making world of disposable plastic razors.
Able to continuously introduce more new plastics
The blade model under the guise of innovation, consumers are forced to upgrade repeatedly.
Profits increase, plastics increase, safety razors fall behind.
Young believes that the problem is that these new
The blade razor actually does more damage to the skin, has a worse shaving effect and creates unnecessary waste.
Young wants to go back to the past with modern design, but still creates solutions for two problems that plague the beauty industry.
The main goal, she said, is to develop a razor that can shave, subtract the stimuli that seem unavoidable in the process, and remove all the plastic waste.
"The fact that we don't claim to be like this for everyone is one of the issues with female razors.
They were positioned as one-size-fits-
"All the solutions," she said.
More worrying, however, is that the problem with cheap razors is beyond their performance as beauty products.
Cheap plastic shavers are plastic bottles in the beauty industry.
The design has a very short service life and more than 2 billion plastic razors are landfill each year.
The razor at Oui Shave requires the customer to replace the blunt blade when needed, while retaining the durable handle.
In addition to this, the brand uses minimal packaging, including working with fulfillment partners in paper and custom packaging
Reduce the size of the waste box.
Unlike plastic shavers, professional Shavers for Oui Shave are neither produced in bulk nor purchased in bulk.
The price of the shaver is $75, 10 blades a pack, and their price is much higher than most consumers think.
In a sea of multiple packages sold at costper-
With a 30-cent razor, customers may be reluctant to fork out for a more permanent choice.
In fact, Young admits that she is also uncertain about the premium of the alternative to Oui Shave.
"I feel the pressure to produce something very cheap," she said . ".
"Finally, I learned that razor is a special product that should be produced with manufacturers with a long history of cooperation.
"The safety razor for Oui Shave is definitely expensive compared to the replacement;
But she believes a large part of the cost will be spent on manufacturing in Germany.
The Disposable Shaver is cheap, but the price is very high, which can't be said --ups.
For example, some of Gillette's products are sold at a premium of more than 4,750%.
Two of Ovey's shaving staff did not bring Gillette home. style salary.
Young said that although the company received an economic boost when they won the WeWork Creator Award in 2017, the business was almost entirely pirated.
Since then, the brand has claimed to have grown entirely organically, recycling all profits back into the business.
"The most difficult aspect at this point is to keep up with demand," she said . ".
While the company continues to grow, Young says she has no plans to develop production lines for men.
"Men have a lot of choices in shaving.
We want to focus on women's products first.
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