when two sommeliers meet, which wines do they drink? - glass gym water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-09-02
when two sommeliers meet, which wines do they drink?  -  glass gym water bottle
You never know where you will find a wine lover with good taste.
It turns out that I met a certified sommelier who happened to be an actor in the stage musical Dear Evan Hansen and is now performing in Toronto.
Her name is Claire Rankin, who plays Cynthia, the mother of Connor and Zoe.
I always like to taste with the dead.
Wine lovers.
So I met her at the Toronto Star chef, three bottles per person.
When we opened the Cork, I knew she was born on Prince Edward Island, moved to Toronto at the age of 17, and performed at the strafu Music Festival at the age of 19.
At the age of 25, she became an actor in Los Angeles and soon fell in love with wine.
In California, she studied wine at a professional culinary college near Napa, was certified in the sommelier court and worked part-time
It is a wine buyer in Venice.
"Great! ” she said.
"The store is still there.
It is known as the Lincoln boutique wine on Lincoln Avenue, only a few blocks from the beach.
She moved back to Toronto five years ago and we are here.
Tasting together, she brings the curious, and clever California classics of the lovely French rosé, Spain.
I brought one of my favorites from Nova Scotia, a white blend from Portugal and a fancy red from Ontario.
We smelled, swir took a lap, si took a sip of wine.
This is our idea.
2018 The Rose Gerard Bertrand Kings HotelSyrah-
Languedoc Cinsault, France (
It is now sold for $373985. 95)
Claire brought the bottle because she thought it would be perfect to bring a barbecue or give it away as a gift.
She thought it turned into a great water bottle.
Pay attention to the glass stopper.
The aroma of the wine is complex, but with the aroma of apricot kernel, strawberry and nougat, as well as raspberry and rose petals.
The entrance is soft, but refreshing and delicate, ranging from pink grapefruit, fresh apricot to salty red berries and floral notes. Violet. Rose.
Soon, it gradually returns to the grapefruit and leaves a small piece of sea salt at the end for you to have another sip. Delicious.
Score: 922017 Square (white)
Doctor Douro of Portugal (
It will be released in July 6 in a year of $19. 95)
I brought this wine because I haven't tasted it.
But I think it could be exciting if I got 2013 4-fork fish (red)
5 points in June 9 last year.
This new wine is a mix of three Portuguese wines --
Rabbi Gato, DiGa duo lalinguo and vionio.
The soft smell of lemon oil, wool and dry herbs makes the nose low-key.
The taste is yellow stone fruit, then turn to grapefruit oil.
It's not very complicated, but this wine is very good.
Balanced, fresh and clean
If you are looking for a neutral wine, this is a non-notable option but not prominent.
Score: 872015 Cuatro Pasos Mencia, Bierzo, Spain (
It is now sold for $39313. 95)
Claire brought this wine for wanting to taste something interesting from Spain.
So she chose this wine because it was brewed by Mencia, a native grape that mainly grows in the Bierzo region.
Imagine rolling very dark berries in the gravel: this is the original smell of this wine.
Then there was smoke somewhere.
On the taste, the black fruit is the opposite.
A delicious taste of dried herbs and crushed stones, as well as a spike balance of sour cherries.
The texture of the wine is angular, not velvety or smooth, but is well matched with the food.
This wine reminds us of the culture of the old world.
Not cocktail.
Score: 20-mile bench for VQA in Niagara area 902016 m reserve Cabernet Merlot (
The winery is only $59. 95)
I brought this bottle because I was recently impressed with the Megalomaniac wine and haven't tasted this more premium one yet.
I have high hopes for it.
The wine was drunk immediately.
Just tap behind your ear.
The scent hints at cassis and homemade blackberry chips with brown toppings and crushed vanilla beans in the filling.
Then, with the sound of thunder, but also with the complex sound.
It shows itself layer by layer.
The first is velvet and lush black fruit.
But it also soon started with fresh red fruit.
Red currant, sour cherry
There are tarragon, cherry cola and milk chocolate.
I like a long day.
Score: 932016 points in Sangu Ridge, Sonoma County, California (
The current year is $652875. 95)
Claire brought this wine as it is a classic California red wine produced by a solid producerRidge Vineyards.
And the price is not expensive.
It is made of a mix of 68 cents of Zinfandel, 15 cents of Carignane, 12 cents of Petite Sirah and 5 cents of Grenache.
Stewed plum with baking spices
Octagonal and cloves.
Then, on the taste, it is lush and fun.
The entrance is fresher than the nose imagined, with ripe raspberries, orange peel, roasted oak and caramel gravy --
It's like a scones with delicious steak.
Then there is a smooth mocha with grilled chocolate on it.
Just a glass of gorgeous wine.
Score: 942018 Nova 7, Benjamin Bridge, Nova Scotia (
Will be released on June 22 at $24. 95)
I have been impressed by this wine over the years.
But I haven't tasted this recently listed wine very soon.
It combines the varieties of Muscat, Vidal, severwal and gessenheim.
This white is quite fragrant with a hint of pure apricot.
The attack hissed slightly with the obvious taste of the Apple --sweet and tart—
Honey with orange cream, elder wood flowers and wild flowers is also detailed.
Each small mouth ends with Altulfo mango.
The wine is very sweet, but the taste is very good.
Balanced with the acidity of the support, so it is easier to extinguish than cloys.
The alcohol content is very low at 6.
5 cents, which makes it a great summer. Lovely drop.
Score: 92 Caroline Evans Hammond is Toronto-
A freelance writer columnist based on wine writers and stars.
Contact her by email: Caroline @ carolynevanshammond.
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