what it takes to get a corona from mexico to a u.s. heartland bar - glass water bottle companies

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what it takes to get a corona from mexico to a u.s. heartland bar  -  glass water bottle companies
(The Jan.
27 The story was re-filed to correct the name of the Mexican city in the 16 paragraphs of Monterrey, Mexico)By Nick Carey (Reuters)-
Ordering a bottle of Corona beer at a bar in the United States is a simple proposal.
Getting it from a brewery in Mexico requires a complicated crossover.
The border supply network may become more complex if the United StatesS.
President Donald Trump has promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)or tax imports.
Trump did not outline specific plans to amend the North American Free Trade Agreement, but he repeatedly called for tax collection to prevent companies from moving jobs outside the United States.
On Thursday, the White House proposed plans to impose a 20% tax on imported goods.
Republican leaders of the United StatesS.
The House included import taxes in its blueprint for reforming corporate taxes.
Even within Trump's own party, the ideas were opposed by Congress. U. S.
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina said on Twitter on Thursday, "In short, any policy that pushes up costs for Corona, tequila or margar Towertime bad idea. Mucho Sad.
"Trump's comments also add to the uncertainty of billions of supply chain and infrastructure investments, from automakers and rail companies to home appliance manufacturers and food producers, all sorts of companies are in the United States. S. -
In the past 20 years, the Mexican border.
Brands such as Corona that are exclusively brewed in Mexico and United Pacific (UNP. N)
It makes money to transfer the ingredients and packaging of the beer to Mexico and bring the finished beer back to the United States.
Victor of New York
Constellation brand company (STZ. N)
It owns the United States. S.
Corona's rights are planned to cost $2.
5 billion expansion of Nava's existing brewery, which is located south of the Texas border, will cost $2 billion to a new brewery in Mexico by 2021.
Just a few days before November 8. S.
In the election, the company said it would buy a Mexican brewery from Grupo Modelo for $0. 6 billion and expand its business in the country.
The beer brand of Constellation must be produced in Mexico to qualify as a Mexican beer.
However, David Klein said that about 40% of the cost of the company's Mexican beer is related to ingredients, supplies and freight services from the United States, earlier this month, the chief financial officer of Constellation said on the conference call. The company -
Since gaining the right to sell Corona and other Mexican beer brands in 2013, the company's market valuation has tripled to nearly $30 billion --
Imports of hops, barley and other grains from the United States to brew Corona.
The company did not disclose the specific source of the ingredients.
"Most of our glass bottles are supplied from glass factories and other Mexican suppliers at the Nawa brewery.
We purchased less than 20% glass bottles from the United States.
"Some of the raw materials, including hops and grains that brew beer, do come from the United States," Constellation said in a statement . ".
Farms in the Midwest and Northwest of the United States are the main growers of barley in North America, and Mexico was the world's largest importer of barley in the United States in 2015. S. barley.
Mexico has been the world's largest US importer since 2010. S.
Jump or second behind the UK.
Experts and industry executives say unlocking the North American Free Trade Agreement supply chain for companies such as Constellation or large automakers will lead to higher consumer prices.
Brandon Stolard, CEO of Troy, Michigan, said: "Everyone will lose, especially consumers, which is very simple --"
Logistics based on TPS, handling thousands of cross
Provide border transportation to customers every day. U. S.
The company also benefited from the production of Corona.
Fort Perry, Ohio
Owens glass manufacturersIllinois (OI. N)
A joint venture with Constellation, which expanded a glass bottle factory next to the Nava brewery, was followed by the purchase of a major Mexican glass bottle producer to meet the demand. Owens-
Illinois declined to comment on where its raw materials came from.
Bloomfield, Colorado
Headquartered in ball Company (BLL. N)
A factory was set up in Monterrey to produce cans for the constellation's new brewery.
Constellation said it imported nearly 20% of glass bottles from the United States.
The company did not say where the bottles came from, but Lance Fritz, chief executive of No. 1 U. S.
The Pacific Rail Union often cites examples of glass bottles that the company ships from a factory in Texas to a brewery in Mexico, manufactured by recycled glass United Pacific transport from across the United States
The railway also invested $40 million in cleaning, cleaning and repair facilities for beer. carrying box-
A car north of the constellation Nava brewery.
United Pacific TransportS.
Barley, malt and rice for brewing.
"The job we have at hand is to help our elected officials see the world from our perspective and then pray that they make the right decision," Fritz said . ".
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