'water bubble' could be end of plastic bottles - empty plastic drinking bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-20
\'water bubble\' could be end of plastic bottles  -  empty plastic drinking bottles
An innovative new "water bubble" may mean the end of plastic bottles. Called Ooho!
, Spherical container made of seaweed and calcium chloride-
Basic membrane that can be eaten by human beings.
In this week's heavy hit, the team will head to climate-
KIC Innovation Festival in Birmingham, innovators like Ooho!
Become the best clean technology start in Europeup.
Inventor behind Ooho!
Hopefully the technology they developed will help end the plastic waste.
The water bubble container is made by handling the ice hockey in the form of liquid with a membrane.
When it freezes and the ice inside melts, you are left with a water ball.
Drink from above, you pierce the membrane and absorb the substance in it.
However, improvements are still needed to make the design stronger.
At an event in Birmingham, environmental protection activist and writer Sir Jonathan Burritt told Sky News that there is a high demand for renewable energy to generate a low-carbon economy.
"If you look at the science of climate change today, it is clear that we are indeed moving in a very bad direction.
"We have to move fast, and the only thing that will allow us to move fast is the new technology, in all the different areas, whether we are talking about transportation, lighting, energy, distribution, the whole work.
"All innovators are now working to speed up this shift, to make it happen faster, to get investors excited about it, to get politicians to understand its true power, so events like climate --
KIC is crucial to changing the mood of music.
"Other designs presented in the event include a concept that helps reduce the impact of sea level rise.
CALTROPe focuses on the construction of natural dams by planting mangroves to capture and collect river deposits.
Janka Csernak, the project manager and designer of the concept, said: "This is a modular degradation system that we plant in parallel to the coastline, in two levels if needed, we put the mangrove forest in these modules and it captures the deposits close to the river, which degrade and pile up into the soil when it is no longer needed.
"Other innovations in this event include a kitchen system called Agriculture, which can grow vegetables and herbs without soil.
To reduce fuel consumption and emissions, the team cleaner is another competitor.
The shipping industry emits more than 0. 8 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year. Some of this (5%)
It is caused when mucus, algae and rattan pots are attached to the ship's hull.
Team cleaners have developed inspection robots to eliminate this situation.
However, these beginnings
Ups may have commercial solutions to climate change, but they work in a market where technology is experimental and many innovations have not yet been proven, so it's hard to get funding --
That's why an economy like climate encourages competition.
KIC is very important.
Marga Hoek, one of the competition judges, said: "We are facing great challenges in the world, so we need to go back to the business on the drawings, on the basis of clean technology without carbon dioxide emissions and no use of raw materials, from a new perspective, these new beginnings
Companies that do this.
"Climate Change --
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