watch: philly's farewell to ringling's retiring elephants - stainless steel swizzle sticks

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watch: philly\'s farewell to ringling\'s retiring elephants  -  stainless steel swizzle sticks
Since 145, Asian elephants and brothers Lin have traveled around the country.
And the Barnum and the Bailey circus. "P. T.
"Barnum speaks the best," says Joey Frisco III of Lin brothers.
Elephant manager
"He said, 'there is an elephant when you want to entertain the crowd.
"However, after their performance in Rhode Island in May 1, these naughty cheeky animals will board the train to the city of Pock, Florida, where they will retire at the Forest Brothers.
Elephant Protection Center.
The elephant was treated in Philadelphia on Thursday.
Brunch with lettuce, carrots, apples, bananas and salt-free Philadelphia pretzels.
"This is the last chance to get close to them," Frisco said . ".
"This is the last opportunity to be with the elephant and to have a close interaction at Ringling Brothers. show.
Otherwise you have to go to the zoo.
January announced that all elephants will be retired from the Circus tour.
"We know brother Lin.
Will come up with something as unusual as an elephant, "third Frisco
Said the elephant trainer.
Due to years of protests and lawsuits over the treatment of circus animals, activists concluded that elephants were being expelled from the show due to abuse.
But that's not the case, Frisco said.
"One of the biggest reasons is that all the new laws are coming soon to take away what we use to work with elephants," he said . " He pointed out some tools, such as guide rods, that in the evening, Bulls hook animals and tie them.
"It's like you have a dog and you want to walk the dog down the street, but they tell you that you can't have a belt," explains Frisco . ".
"Will You Still walk along this street?
"Although the animal rights group has filed allegations against the circus in the past ---
Including 2011 violations of the Animal Welfare Act by the US Department of Agriculture.
Agreed to pay $270,000 and improve training for employees-
Lin Ling also won many lawsuits.
"This has nothing to do with animal activists," Frisco said . ".
"We just won $26.
4 million in the past few years, all of these animal protection organizations have been prosecuted for their prosecution that we have violated the Endangered Species Act.
He said there was a case involving a 14-year-
Long lawsuit won by Lin Ling
"Of course, no one knows this because it's not bad media, it's good media," he said . ".
"So, it's not put there like all the activist stuff.
"The elephant guide or bull hook is a fiberglass rod with a pointed stainless steel end.
"We touch them with it," he said . ".
"For elephants, this is the voice command of 80% and the other 20% is by touch.
The elephant is very smart.
"Sometimes elephants don't understand what the trainer is talking about, or are distracted, he says.
The instructor can touch a certain part of the animal's body with a guide and regain attention.
"They are very satisfied with this," Frisco said . ".
"We don't want to take the elephant out if we don't have the right thing.
If you can't use a bull hook or guide, you can't let your elephant in free contact.
Frisco says his main goal is to make the animals healthy and happy.
"No matter where we are, we will do something to make sure that the elephant is not only in good health, but also enjoying the day," he said . ".
"Just because they do 7 to 15 minutes of exercise in the circus doesn't mean they're performing all the time.
Our main task for elephants is to make sure they are well taken care of and enjoy what they are doing.
But it was never a problem.
This is not the reason why elephants come out of the tour.
Elephants in the circus like to perform and interact with humans, Frisco said.
"Only the third elephant is at brother Hualin.
"Owns are on the road," he said . ".
"The rest is back to CEC.
No matter where our 42 elephants are, they are still very important to ring the bell.
"After retirement, the elephant will be taken care of by a huge team of experts looking to live longer in Sunshine State.
"During captivity, the average life span of elephants is between 45 and 50 years and our girls are between 65 and 75 years old," Frisco said . ".
"Life in the circus is very healthy.
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