war on waste hits the road with truck tyres and jam jars - glass gym water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-09-02
war on waste hits the road with truck tyres and jam jars  -  glass gym water bottle
As everyday Australians increasingly look for ways to reuse and recycle, government projects add the same mantra to public works --
This is not only good news for the environment.
The South Buka County Council, located on the north-central coast of New South Wales, has started a test called the Road sealing process of the OTA seal.
The Otta seal contains 3 to 15% recycled truck tires from asphalt and recycled quarries as well as construction products of aggregates.
Paul Gallagher said: "When we seal and re-seal ourselves, we often leave the aggregate that is placed in the inventory heap because it cannot be reused, "assistant general manager of South Bucca County engineering service department.
A decision has been taken by the Council.
On the previous gravel road outside Maxwell, there were 5 kilometers of OTA seals.
Roads will be monitored over the next 12 months to determine their performance in weather and traffic conditions.
Gallagher said the cost savings could be significant if the trial was successful.
He said that although the cost of the OTA seal is similar to the traditional road seal, the savings are realized because the OTA seal is laid with little surface preparation.
"All you need is a grader to trim it and shape it," Mr Gallagher said . ".
"Traditionally, we will rebuild the whole area, which means that many trees have to be removed, we need to widen the road surface, build the road at a cost of at least $350,000 per kilometer or so, and then affix the regular seal.
"If the road meets expectations after being used overseas, it will also save costs on its longevity.
The OTA seal is widely used on roads in Europe, South Africa and New Zealand.
It's for 10-
But many roads have far exceeded this milestone.
At present, the traditional road seals in southern Buka County are 7 to 10 years old.
Glass bottles and cans are also recycled on the Pacific Highway.
Recently, the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade project completed two successful road surface tests using recycled glass.
"Recycled glass was previously used for ramps and drainage, but this is the first time it has been used on the main lanes of the Pacific Highway, said Northern Sisson, acting director of Road and Maritime Services.
"Glass is collected locally from the waste collection system of the city council of Lismore, which includes household recycling bins and recycling stations.
"After the classification, the glass was crushed into sand at the Council's material recovery facility, delivered to the site batch factory for cleaning before mixing with the sand, and used for the normal concrete pouring process.
"According to Jenni Downes, a senior research consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Future, retargeting materials that would have ended in landfill is a victory.
"Specifically, on the road, the recycling portfolio they use reduces the demand for asphalt, which is a resource-intensive material," MS Downes said . ".
MS Downes said that glass bottles and jars are currently difficult to recycle into bottles and jars because the glass is too much color and most of the glass is broken between the trash can and post-processing.
"All colors are mixed together and will only produce blurry brown glass that no one wants to buy," she said . ".
MS Downes says the only way this recycling trend can be harmful is if it becomes too popular and the demand for recycled materials on the road starts to "devour" the existing highvalue markets.
"However, I think we are far from this situation and it is indeed positive for the foreseeable future," she said . ".
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