war bunkers and volcanic caves: spectacular places to store wine - beautiful wine glasses

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war bunkers and volcanic caves: spectacular places to store wine  -  beautiful wine glasses
Kate Springer of CNNHistorically wrote that the wine cellar was buried under the water bed of the vineyard to ensure adequate moisture and cool temperatures.
However, thanks to new technology and complex architecture, modern wine cellars can imitate nature almost anywhere.
From prison to paragon: these beautiful buildings used to be prisons, whether on the top of the mountain or in the bunker, now beautiful wine storage solutions can be found in some amazing places
"Today, put a wine cellar on your 33 th --
"Floor apartments are as simple as underground cellars," said James molsworth, senior editor of Wine observer.
Molsworth points to the Cheval Blanc Castle in Bordeaux as a model above --
Ground cellar.
"For me, the key is to combine visual eye sugar with practical practicality and efficiency," Molesworth said . ".
On the ground designed by Christian de Portzamparc, the undulating white façade of Cheval Blanc Castle appears on the top of the French countryside, with its own grass on the roof.
French architect Christian de potzam Parker Credit: G.
The entire 19,685-square-foot pioneer
The avant-garde wine cellar flows natural light on a row of neatly arranged concrete white buckets.
All the barrels are cement and pears.
"The shape corresponds to the package size on the vineyard," Molesworth said . ".
These barrels are carefully labeled with plot numbers, capacity, grape varieties and planting dates, allowing Cheval Blanc to manage details in the vast vineyards.
Fancy flight: the most sublime spiral staircase in the world ", the winemaking team can pick each package as they like, and then manage the smaller virtual before the final mix," Molesworth said.
"Essentially, they process the vineyards in the smallest pixelation, and then assemble the final picture ---or blend --
Said Morse worth.
Another unconventional wine cellar-
Though underground-
It is the Crown wine cellar in Shousong Mountain, located on the south side of Hong Kong Island.
In a network of former military bunkers, these cellars are buried 60 feet underground and enter through a concrete tunnel leading to a series of 1,000-square-
Foot room, each room by 3-foot-
Thick reinforced concrete walls.
The Crown wine cellar in Hong Kong is a credit for the former secret military facilities: Although the Crown wine cellar looks rugged outside, the interior of the wine cellar is national. of-the-art climate-
Control technology to protect rare wines stored in it by its customers.
"Temperature and humidity are two key factors ---
"A quiet, stable environment with no vibration," said Molesworth, an ideal cell environment.
"Basically you don't put the wine cellar under the train track.
"Perfect condition?
The humidity is about 70% and the temperature is stable at 50-
55 degrees Fahrenheit with little light.
"Ideally, wine should be stored in dark space when UV destroys wine ---
So color glass bottles, "said Adam Bilbe, a wine expert at Sotheby's.
"The wine should remain stationary and maintain a perfect horizontal angle.
"Of course, even with the influx of contemporary wine cellars, the classics will not go anywhere.
Take American billionaire William Koch's famous Palm Beach cellar in Florida as an example of a tribute to the traditional European cellar.
William Koch's Palm Beach cellar credit: one of the three extraordinary facilities that Sotheby's maintained--
The other two are in Aspen, Colorado, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. -
Austrian red brick and custom underground maze
Built an arched doorway from his 20,000-
One of the largest bottle collections in the United States.
"Creating this masterpiece requires an amazing attention to detail.
"With the collection of vintage of the legend of Koch, it should be collected in such a beautiful way," Bilbe said . ".
Explore some of the world's most beautiful wine cellars in the gallery above.
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