want to choose a good bottle of wine every time? - good glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-25
want to choose a good bottle of wine every time?  -  good glass water bottle
Over the past few months, I have been doing some informal research on wine selection and purchase.
I want to look into the way ordinary people live.
The degree of interest in the wine ended up drinking only one bottle instead of the other.
I mean most of you. By lifestyle-
Degree of interest, I mean people who mind what they eat and drink, just like they treat what they wear.
The band above, "it's wine, it's cheap, let's throw it in the cart and put it in our throat," but below --paid-
Oenophiles that may be able to discuss (in detail)
Good chenning Blanco site in luval or hail-
In the vineyards of Burgundy;
Or who might have, like the one I met-and I'm proud to say that this is the reader of this column-a database --
Just like knowing about the supermarket, especially the Bollinger promotion that competes with me.
How does your coffee order affect you?
Most wine studies are conducted through questionnaires that both affect and limit responses.
I am based on a method called IPA that includes doing open-
End the interview with a small sample and then analyze the topic that appears.
I found: 1 everyone said they wanted to "learn more about wine" but no one could do that.
What they really mean is, "I want to be confident that I am drinking delicious wine without any effort. ” That is fine.
I'm here to help.
It is generally believed that price is the most important factor in the selection of bottles.
That's not true.
The first decision was the retail store: is it at the end of my way?
Anyway, do I have to shop there?
Is this where I like to go after Saturday cricket practice? Although my wife hated to go to the supermarket, I chose six bottles.
3 people believe that if they organize and buy a case from the Wine Association, they will buy better wines for less money.
But really can't be bothered.
In many cases, calculating what wine to buy is a job that must be added to the weekend Management list.
"We are worried about making mistakes.
We know that it doesn't make sense when we buy one bottle at a time as if it were as error-prone as choosing 12 different bottles at a time, but that's how it feels. ” The Five-Minute Panic-and-
Therefore, before going out or cooking, shopping at the convenience store at the end of the road is the default option.
"I ended up spending more than I expected," a common complaint.
Sometimes, "the wine is not so good.
But they did it again.
This even applies to those who are very interested in wine-they can actually have a discussion of Chen Ning Blanco.
It's important to relax.
Fun is important.
6 everyone likes to act impulsively, whether this is a timely pop-up email on the screen or not, limited-
Version of wine or a box of wine that must be protected now, or five-Minute Panic-and-Grab (again).
What my friends really want to do is call me and read them a personalized recommendation list as they stare at the supermarket shelves, or let me list the wines they need to buy by email.
Some of the selected people got the service and they said they drank a lot better and as a result they would never go back and pick their own wine again, "Now we have realized that compared to what you found, how much trash is out there ", but it makes me think: how can I bring the wine information that these pages bring to you more closely to your needs?
First of all, we offer a new home online for my weekly wine recommendation.
In the past, these people lived on the Internet for a week until they disappeared.
Now they will stay at the bottom of my weekly column to make it easier for you to search for suggestions by store.
10 simple proseck cocktails that everyone should have mastered, we have a new Telegraph food and beverage newsletter that compiles the top dining stories of the week, and put them in your inbox once a week.
You can sign up by Telegramco. UK/food & drink.
Third, pay attention to the space: we have a few more tips to help you pick a good bottle of wine each time.
Fourth, if you sign up for my blog at Howtodrink. co.
On the UK or "like" my Facebook page, you'll be a lot easier on the track and I can't write the details of the wine here. France (13%;
Sainsbury's, down 6 from £ 8 to April 28)
This is a thick blanket of white wine because it has a wide texture of white grenache and a light oak flavor that gives a spice.
There are actually three grapes here: in addition to Gerena, Marsani and the fresh green vinamino.
A warm peach-colored wine.
Bake a little pork belly for it. Chile (14%;
Lea & Sandeman, 7. 95/£7.
50 by mixed case)
Here is an example of how an elegant stand-alone store cleverly selects a sub-store£10 wines.
At this price, Chile still has some reputation as a workaholic, but this Cabernet
Carmenere mixed singing.
Like cheap Bordeaux wine, it has been transformed at will and is infused with rich juice and luster.
Try a burger-
A very good burger. New Zealand (13%; Majestic, £6.
Down 99 from 10. 49)
Forget The Ned.
Yes, you heard it.
This lovesickness is the new Ned.
It began to ambush Majestic's best-selling wine by beating its price, which it did.
But the price is not everything.
So I tried this right. blind —side-by-
See which one will win. this one will win.
More real, less confused.
Gray bow of currant and submarine.
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