video projector creates augmented reality with no bulky headset - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-29
video projector creates augmented reality with no bulky headset  -  coffee mug & tumbler
Victoria Turki does not need special glasses to see a panoramic view of the world.
A new combination camera and computer can superimpose images onto real images
World object without head-Installed monitor.
The Light form is connected to a video projector that transmits images and animations to objects around it, essentially turning any surface into a screen-a technique called projection mapping.
To do this, it scans the environment using a depth sensor, draws the shape of the object, and then adjusts its lighting effect to suit the environment.
Lightform CEO Brett Jones said: "The idea is to seamlessly integrate the virtual world with the physical world and do it without wearing anything," this week, the company has stepped out of the "invisible mode ".
The initial presentation shows that the price list of a coffee shop is implemented on white paper (pictured, top)
The winding lines dance in the shop window, and the cactus fluctuates with decorative light pulses.
So far, augmented reality is often achieved with wearable devices: Microsoft's HoloLens uses headphones,hyped Florida-based start-
Up Magic Leap is expected to launch an AR headset later this year.
On February, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg hinted that the company was interested in developing AR glasses with Oculus Rift VR headsets.
"The goal is to make VR and AR what we all want to look like: glasses are small enough to take anywhere," he wrote in a Facebook post . ".
However, eliminating headphones means that many people can share the AR experience at the same time without special preparation, and eliminate the comfort, weight and power cord problems of the wearable display.
Projection mapping technology is usually used for largescale, one-off events.
Jones worked at Disney fantasy Engineering to develop predictions for the theme park, and led projects at Microsoft Research to create a broad predictive gaming experience.
The San Francisco-based light form is designed to turn this technology into something anyone can use.
The device is designed to work with existing projectors and comes with software that Jones says is as easy to use as Photoshop.
The size of the projection depends on the projector.
"You can make your coffee cup with a micro projector, or you can make the side of the building with a very large projector," said Phil reinari, design director at Lightform . ".
If the object moves, the camera periodically rescans the scene and recalibrates the projection, making it suitable for long shots
Term installation, you can control or modify the graphics through the application.
The cost of the entire package will exceed the depth sensor like Microsoft's Kinect, but lower than the mid-range sensor
Jones said that when the shipment began later this year, the laptop began to ship.
The mapping is not real-
Time-scanning takes about a minute-you can't interact with the projected image, unlike some systems that use tactile devices or motion tracking to give users the illusion of touching what they see.
AR prototype in Texas
Argo-based designs, for example, use computer vision that allows people to play virtual ice hockey with real objects as bats, with pitch marks projected on the desktop-although it only works on a flat surface.
Jared Ficklin, Argo's chief technical expert, imagines that in addition to voice, the expected interface can be used to control smart home devices
Recognition technologies like Amazon's Alexa.
For example, it can project the recipe onto the surface of the kitchen.
Natan Linder of MIT says it's exciting to use light to enhance reality.
Adding a projection mapping means you can "draw with light" and give the real
Virtual Textures of world objects fool eyes.
But he pointed out that AR is also expected to have its own shortcomings.
If there is anything between the projector and the surface, the shadow can be a problem and it doesn't work well in a bright space.
If the projection interfaces are integrated into the space in which we live and work, they may bring a new ubiquitous computing, Linder said.
But first, they need to find really useful applications.
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