venezuela protesters fling faeces at soldiers; unrest takes two more lives - glass water bottles for office

by:Koodee      2019-09-03
venezuela protesters fling faeces at soldiers; unrest takes two more lives  -  glass water bottles for office
Include some language in paragraph 2nd that readers may find offensive)
Andrew Cassone and Carlos Rawlins Caracas (Reuters)-
Young Venezuelan protesters threw bottles and bags of feces at soldiers fighting with tear gas on Wednesday to stop the latest march against socialist President Nicolas Maduro across the country for more than a month.
In the extraordinary scene known as the "shit Parade" on the main highway through Caracas, thousands of opposition supporters once again took to the streets to condemn Venezuela's economic crisis and demand elections.
"These children live in dictatorship and they have no choice but to protest the way they see fit," said 49-year-old Maria montilia, standing behind the young men's ranks with a mask, slingshot and temporary wooden shield.
Many people carry stones.
Known as "Poopootov cocktail "-
Feces stuffed in small glass bottles
When the National Guard blocked their roads and fired gas and high-pressure water guns at the crowd, they threw them.
"There was no explosion here.
That's what we said, Maduro. you're useless!
A young protester, who declined to be named, said between throwing bottles of feces.
The state prosecutor's office saidyear-
Old miger Castillo was killed during the protests in Caracas on Wednesday, but no details were given.
On Wednesday, 32-year-old motorcycle taxi driver Anderson duggat was injured in a protest in the Andean city of Merida.
Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said in comments broadcast on state television that dugart was killed by a sniper linked to the opposition Democratic Solidarity Coalition.
He said Castillo was also shot dead.
At least 39 people have been killed in the riots since the beginning of April, including protesters, government sympath, bystanders and security forces.
Hundreds of people were injured and arrested.
Maduro says the enemy is seeking a coup with the United StatesS. encouragement.
The opposition, many years after gaining majority support in the shadow of the ruling Socialist Party, said the authorities had refused to resolve Venezuela's crisis by blocking the referendum and delaying local elections, 2018 presidential elections were rejected.
They are looking for different strategies to keep the momentum going and to provide momentum for supporters.
The government has accused the opposition of throwing feces in violation of international treaties on biological and chemical weapons.
Maduro is seeking to create a new super body called the Constituent Assembly, which has the right to rewrite the constitution and shake public power.
The enemy sees this as an attempt to maintain the power of the socialist by establishing a new parliament with prejudice.
"They closed all the gates of democracy and we warned how dangerous it is for our country," opposition leader Enrique Capri said along the highway with protesters . ".
In downtown Caracas, supporters of the government also gathered to dance salsa and wave photos of Maduro's predecessor, Hugo Chavez.
"I am here to support the constitutional process, which presents an opportunity to resolve the crisis," said Ilian Leon, a 40-year-old agricultural worker . ".
"We are loyal to Chavez's legacy.
The human rights organization criminal Forum says 1,991 people have been detained since April 1 and 653 remain in prison.
Opposition leaders complain that the government is handling 250 detainees through military courts.
In recent months, the state prosecutor's office has disagreed with the government on judicial matters, saying that in the western state of Zulia, 14 prisoners accused of destroying the statue of Chavez should be tried in civil courts rather than in military courts.
"They're not military officials, so it's wrong to try them in that jurisdiction," it said . " However, no other cases were raised by the opposition.
The 54-year-old Maduro, a former bus driver and foreign minister of the Chavez government, seems to be hoping that the opposition will lose steam and that rising oil prices will help ease the four-year recession.
They seized on young opposition hooligans to destroy public property and portrayed the whole movement as a violent intention.
So far, the protests have not been able to get a lot of support that traditionally supports the poor.
Chavez is part of Venezuela's 30 million population.
But the bigger Cross
Part of society was evident in the recent March, some of which attracted thousands of people.
In some cities, especially in the evening, there have been robberies.
Former spy of Chavez
Despite Mr. Maduro's role as interior minister and fighting protests in 2014, Mr. Maduro's government has broken.
On Wednesday, he warned that violence in Venezuela could be out of control.
"What is happening may be the starting point for a massive armed confrontation between the Venezuelan," he told Reuters . ".
"No one wants this.
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