vaughan gunson: full cream milk in a glass bottle, it's our choice - glass water bottle with lid

by:Koodee      2019-09-04
vaughan gunson: full cream milk in a glass bottle, it\'s our choice  -  glass water bottle with lid
This is a good milk story.
Thanks to my partner and her nose for the development of any new American eater, we have started getting Bella to drink full cream milk in the bottle.
Yes, a glass bottle with screws.
Uniform top metal cover. Old school.
Bottles are reused as before.
The first bottle of 1 liter of milk costs $8 and then $3.
50 when you exchange air in the North more and more places that supply Bella Waka.
The bottles were collected and brought back to the family farm west of Sichuan, cleaned and disinfected, and then filled again with pasteurized milksite.
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Italian dish of "beautiful cow)
It is one of the new producers with environmental awareness in the primary sector.
Because the market is growing, they are emerging.
We are increasingly concerned about where our food comes from and what impact its production has on the environment.
These companies tend to be small
Connect and interact with customer groups through social media.
This is the localism combined with the 21 st century a hundred years ago.
Century interconnected.
Like most families, we drank a lot of milk so it was good news to find Bella Waka.
Three or four plastic bottles will now enter the landfill or be shipped overseas every week (
If our local council can find a country to take over them since China stopped).
I am not deceiving myself to say that I am saving the Earth in any big way, but this is a choice that our families can make.
What does it feel like.
It's part of public opinion, and I'm sure I will eventually see single people --
Using plastic bottles is the same as using plastic shopping bags.
We 've just had a national conversation about plastic use and our infuriating one-off culture.
But that's more than the glass bottle I sell on Bella Waka milk.
I also bypassed an export model.
I think led dairy farming is not sustainable for both the farmers involved and for the natural ecology of New Zealand.
If there is a choice, I would rather not support the agricultural practices of waterways that remain profitable in the international market, causing great animal stress and high pollution.
I would rather support a family directly for a living than see my money being used for corporate pay and shareholder dividends for large business ownersherds.
Now, the last time I wrote about dairy farming, I took quite a bit of heat online and myself.
It's fair. I don't mind.
The debate on how the export dairy industry operates in this country will not disappear, and the rise in fossil fuel costs and competition from factories will not pose a threat to the industry --
Based on protein technology (
At least in overseas markets, if not so much in New Zealand).
Consumers who make ethical and environmental informed choices locally and globally are things that dairy farmers and the wider agricultural sector must adapt. Some forward-
The farmers are already believed to be.
This person who wants to do
Good luck to them.
Vaughan Gunson is a writer and poet interested in social justice and the major issues facing the planet.
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