unlucky number 7 - stainless steel water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-07-31
unlucky number 7  -  stainless steel water bottles
Doing the right thing is rarely as easy as it should be. Sigh.
For the sake of the Earth, you have changed the habit of disposable plastic bottles, and now the government says that your reusable plastic bottles may be toxic.
But wait, don't go back to the disposable item.
Here are the hard spoons of hard plastic and some safe and trendy alternatives.
First of all, all plastics are not equal.
What is currently burning is polycarbonate plastic containing chemical double phenolA (BPA).
Marked with number 7, it is commonly used in hard water bottles, baby bottles, lining of some baby food cans and countless other items in our home.
Not all of the No. 7 plastics have BPA, although it is difficult to know that the No. 7 plastic has BPA-
But if the bottle is not made of transparent, hard plastic, then there may be no BPA.
For years, environmental activists and health experts have questioned the safety of biphenol a, saying it could cause cancer and destroy hormones.
Now, a report from the National Institutes of Health's National Toxicology Program confirms these potential hazards. What to do?
Stop buying a bottle of polycarbonate bottles and containers, stop using the 7 th-or unmarked -
Hard plastic food and beverage containers at home.
Unfortunately, dealing with these issues is tricky.
Throwing them into a landfill site is harmful to the environment.
You can find uses that do not involve eating, or send them to a recycling facility that accepts plastic No. 7 (not all do)
Hopefully they can become products that have nothing to do with food or drinks.
Finally, find the perfect choice.
Looking for baby bottles made of unbreakable glass or BPA
Free plastic such as BornFree ().
Buy baby food with glass cans.
Put your drinking water in a glass tank and use stainless steel Kleen Kanteen ()
Or stylish Sigg ().
To learn more about the dangers lurking in unlucky plastic bottles 7 and various plastic bottles, check out the upcoming book bottle (
Bloomsbury, May 2008)
Acclaimed environmental writer and Massachusetts Elizabeth loyt[
Shiyang line]
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