ultra-luxe round-the-world travel package launches at a value of $13.88 million - swizzle stick cocktail

by:Koodee      2019-08-07
ultra-luxe round-the-world travel package launches at a value of $13.88 million  -  swizzle stick cocktail
You know a round. the-
World Tour is jaw-dropping
This luxury is mouth watering when even the wi stick is inlaid with white and blue diamonds. At an eye-watering $13.
88 million, "Passport to 50" is called a trip to a billionaire customer, and travelers with so much money on hand don't have enough time to spend.
The trip, scheduled to start in August, was designed for a billionaire and his closest 49 friends, or 50 guests for $277,500 per person.
Built by boutique travel agency DreamWorks, you can visit 20 cities within 20 days, with a total journey of 50,000 km kilometers.
So a 20-
A $13 day tour.
Buy You 88 million?
First of all, the world's top poker companies have a charity poker worth $500,000
Poker player rankings on private Boeing 767 aircraft.
And then-
Flight yoga classes, fashion shows and the presence of master sommelier.
To ensure that no answer is required, the ratio between guest and staff is 1-to-one.
In addition, a therapist will be provided to help guests fall asleep during the flight.
Techniques will include hypnotherapy, reiki therapy, ayowidi medicine, acupuncture and wearable sleep techniques. At $13.
88 million, you can also bet that you won't let go of any details.
This means that by 18-
Karat gold, wrapped in white and blue diamonds.
Crafted by Russians
Featuring 1 blue and 20 white diamonds, the 50 "sparks" set is headquartered at Diamond World Group-
Representing the sky of the trip and each city visited;
The work is worth $1 million and director Karan Tilani described it as "a custom masterpiece to stimulate dialogue ".
But not all champagne is without a bottom.
Purchasing passports for 50 experiences will distribute 2,500 bicycles to children living in rural Cambodia and provide clean drinking water to 50,000 children
SaysDreamMaker says children in the Philippines are at risk.
Similarly, buying a trip will see 50,000 children struggling with life building "features "--
The threat of disease in Britain.
Charity partners including water.
Starlight Children's Fund production-a-
UNICEF International.
The cities on the itinerary include Koh Samui, Siem Reap, Kathmandu, Agra, Florence, Siena, Cannes, mullinet, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Marbella, Marrakech before the end of Manila, there is also a secret island.
Passport 50 is the latest luxury, round-the-
The world tour will be launched in recent months.
French crystal manufacturer Baccarat offers 12-
One-day "heritage experience" for $300,000 stay in New York, Islamabad, Moscow, Tokyo and Seoul for 5-
Luxury star hotel.
The Four Seasons hotel brand has also crafted a global food tour for $135,000 and plans to travel in the gourmet capital of Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Copenhagen and Paris.
Anyone interested in 50 experience passports can contact information @ passporto50.
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