turns out we've been holding our coffee mugs wrong this whole time - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-18
turns out we\'ve been holding our coffee mugs wrong this whole time  -  coffee mug & tumbler
This simple method can prevent coffee from spilling on the shirt.
It's not you, coffee cup. it's us.
It turns out that according to recent research, the reason why our stupid people spilled coffee on themselves was not because of design flaws, but because we didn't hold the cup properly.
A new study in the Journal of Life Sciences claims that the most effective way has been found to hold cups without having to have our favorite beer everywhere on our clothes, this ruined our day and killed our noise.
Author Jiwon Han, entitled "A Study of coffee spills in low impulsive states," studied how fluid movement is influenced by the way we hold cups.
The purpose of this study is to find out why the coffee in the Cup has a tendency to "splash violently against the Cup and eventually overflow" when the wine in the glass moves like a calm wave. . . gently [rippling]on the surface.
So Han started his introduction to the study: "We are rarely able to carry coffee with us without spilling it (Fig. 1).
As a matter of fact, due to the fact that this phenomenon is very common, we tend to exclude the question of it, not just say it out loud: "Jenkins!
Too much coffee in your cup!
"With detailed formulas and charts, Han found that the problem of coffee spills is actually quite simple to solve: It all depends on the way you hold the cup.
You don't wrap the handle and/or the Cup itself with your fingers, (and Jenkins)
Should hold the edge of the mug with your finger, bend the mug wrist
Han said "claw-hand model" —
Like this: Han found a way to measure the oscillation frequency in the Cup, in which he detected a significant difference in overflow using the handle and the Clawhand method.
"Because the acceleration in the claw is very large --
The hand model is obviously small, the claw-
Han wrote: "The posture of the hand is unlikely to spill coffee . " Walking Backwards may also reduce the chance of spilling coffee, he added.
"Since we are not used to walking backwards, our movements in the direction of walking become irregular, and in order to maintain balance, our bodies begin to rely heavily on lateral swing movements.
"However, he also pointed out that it is not so practical to go back.
"Walking Backwards may not be a practical way to prevent coffee spills, but just a physical guess.
Some trials will soon reveal that walking backwards, much more than suppressing resonance, greatly increases the chance to stumble over a stone or bump into a colleague who may walk backwards (
This will definitely lead to overflow).
His conclusion is, claw.
The posture of the hand "has a similar effect on coffee oscillation as walking backwards", which means less spills.
So, guys, you have it: either you can start walking backwards and possibly hurt yourself (or others)
In the process, or when you are holding a coffee cup, you can try to shape your hands into claws.
Anyway, at least you will put the coffee where you want it, not on the shirt.
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