travel postcard: 48 hours in new orleans - swizzle stick cocktail

by:Koodee      2019-08-07
travel postcard: 48 hours in new orleans  -  swizzle stick cocktail
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters Life! )-
More than two years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, new cultural life shuttled through the city in the form of newly renovated restaurants and musicians returning to old venues.
Reuters reporters with local knowledge helped tourists get the most out of a short city visit: 5: 30 on Fridaym. —
In the city of driving, cocktail parties arrive early
Through the daikiri liquor store.
Try Adelaide's Cafe, which is home to the Swizzle bar lounge.
Tequila Moka bird martini with lemonade-style punch.
The cream pumpkin soup is a delicious dinner. 7:00 p. m. —
Count Arno's daughter, Jeman cazenawels, is more dominant than anyone else, with a total of 22.
The royal family took their position seriously.
The 1954 champagne gown almost fell off the mannequin of the carnival museum upstairs.
Below, at the Arnaud restaurant, which celebrates its 90 th anniversary this year, food and music tempt people's senses.
Try the seafood of Creole and remember that the chef in New Orleans is not a doctor who is worried about cholesterol. (www. arnauds. com)10 p. m. —
Meet margarta Bergen, the official party girl in New Orleans.
She once attended 17 parties in one night and now wrote an insider incident column (www. bayoubuzz. com)
Her website has led visitors to a party in a French neighborhood where Tennessee Williams wrote "a tram called desire ".
Nine on Saturday. m. —
Brennan's Restaurant offers breakfast for a hangover in New Orleans: brandy milk drink.
Turtle soup is the perfect appetizer for egg Hussarde, but the signature of the restaurant is Banana Foster, which burns right at your elbow. (www.
Brennansneworleans. com)11 a. m. —
The best time to visit the Audubon Aquarium of America is before feeding at Penguin 11. 30 a. m.
Otters and sharks go on to eat, and a rare white crocodile may move with proper motivation. 1 p. m. —
Have lunch at Commander's Palace.
Starting with sazerac, it is said to be the first cocktail in the United States, or a 25-cent martini.
After the hurricane recovered, the mainstay of the garden area shone with lush patterns on the walls and floors. (www.
Commander. com)3 p. m. —
There are many beautiful houses in the French Quarter. In the Hermann-
Grima's historic house, back to the fashionable lifestyle of the central Creole family1800s.
Back in the past, it had several layers of tablecloths on its table, stripped off after each dish, and desert on bare wood. www. hgghh. org. 5. 30 p. m. —
Jackson Square is packed with fortune tellers like John Martin at the Voodoo Museum. www. voodoomuseum. com 6. 30 p. m. —
For dinner, you can go to the New Orleans Casino Hotel in Harrah, where a new local chef prepares a menu. 8 p. m. —
The supernatural is the norm in New Orleans.
A man dressed as a pirate is haunted in New Orleans.
Among the ghosts and goblins, a group of restless slaves was tortured by a beautiful woman who held a party at home to cover up the screams.
Actor Nicholas Cage lives in the house now. www.
Travel with history. com 10 p. m. —
Back to another haunted place, Jean Lafitte is in the blacksmith shop in the French Quarter, where there are enough Hurricane cocktails to see spies easily.
This is one of the oldest buildings in the city, dating back to 1772. Sunday 9 a. m. —
Take a taxi to the Houmas House, a plantation in Darrow, Luiz Anna state, where a woman in a bottoming skirt offers a ride through frontHome of civil war2 p. m. —
The Windsor Court Hotel offers a full service in the afternoon.
British cuisine is accompanied by live classical music. 4 p. m. —
Popular Charming Faulkner House books in the French Quarter, read something on the way home.
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