travel picks: 10 top international wine destinations - beautiful wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-12
travel picks: 10 top international wine destinations  -  beautiful wine glasses
SYDNEY (Reuters Life! )-
As wineries around the world strengthen their games and provide better service and food for tourists, as well as wine tasting, wine tourists are growing. Forbes. com (www. forbes. com)
With the help of George Taber, author of "looking for wine gods: Roaming in the wonderful world of wine tourism", 10 top international wine destinations have been figured out.
The list has not been approved by Reuters: 1.
Castello Banfi, a winery in Tuscany, Italy, was founded by John Mariani, an American wine importer.
One of the most gorgeous wineries in Tuscany, with a beautiful castle, there are two great restaurants, wine tasting rooms and wine cellar tours. 2.
Montes is one of the most popular areas in Chile's Colchagua Valley
Chile's famous wine producer, but it has not lost its quirks.
"This is the only winery in the world, and I know that wine is old in the background where the Gregorian chant is played," Taber said . ". 3.
Ken Firth of steenbos, South Africa is considered one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world, and the Mediterranean climate and scenery remind people of the Napa Valley with no crowds.
Winemaker Ken Forrest traveled to the Loire Valley in France several times before returning to South Africa. 4.
Chateau Mendosa funnier, Argentina is only about 10 miles from the Andes, so you can see the snow in the background
"There are capped Mountains all year round," Taber said . ".
The winery has a modern design, like a spaceship landing in the middle of the desert. 5.
Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River, Australia is closer to Singapore than Melbourne, so it takes a long time to get there.
"This is a small pocket for making excellent wines," Taber said . ".
The beautiful landscape with an ancient forest is "very isolated, not so crowded --
Great service here. ” 6.
Felton Road, Central Otago, New Zealand is relatively new, and Central Otago is also the southernmost wine region on Earth.
Some areas, such as the Gibbons Valley, are more beautiful than others, such as the Bannock area, the site of Felton Road.
But Otago's pinot noir superstars, like Carrick, Mt.
Everything about Bannockburn is here. 7.
Bodegas Ysios, Rioja, Spain the region has been known for its architecture for the past few years, such as Frank Gehry.
Designed by Santiago Calatrava, Bodegas Ysios is similar to the mountains behind it.
"They also had good wine," Taber said . "8.
The quentado gateway in the Douro Valley of Portugal is on a narrow winding road to reach this winery.
Consider spending the night if you're planning on tasting more than one glass of wine.
"They have a hotel with beautiful views," Taber noted . ". 9. Chateau Lynch-
Bordeaux, France, is one of the best wines in the world.
But until recently, the area has not been known for its beautiful scenery or friendly travel experience. Lynch-
Bages now offers hotels, restaurants and shopping. 10.
Peter Jacob Cohn osterridge in Rhine/Moss, Germany this is one of the most romantic places in the world
Top Castle and friendly winery.
Taber said, don't be blocked by the screw caps on all the bottles in this winery.
The wine is now the best and most stable ever.
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