top-notch winemakers struggle with bottom line - stainless steel bottles wholesale

by:Koodee      2019-07-18
top-notch winemakers struggle with bottom line  -  stainless steel bottles wholesale
It may not have the same cache as Napa Valley, but in warra, Warsh.
In the southeast corner of the state, many winemakers produce delicious wines.
But you can't find many castles here.
Most winemakers are busy making ends meet.
Calling the Stephenson cellar a modest operation did not begin to describe the concrete slab of the barber shop at the former Air Force base located on Avenue B.
Dave Stephenson's winery has a feeling of backyard operation: no height
No sparkling stainless steel technical equipment.
But don't make a mistake.
Stephenson Silas had a good wine and a good one.
For example, 2003 Syrah was recently rated 94 points by wine lovers.
But Stephenson says it's not easy to make money, and his current goal is to break even at least in the operation of the winery.
"There is a misconception in the wine industry.
"You think you're making a lot of money," Stephenson said . ".
"There is a lot of money to change hands [but]
Not necessarily a lot of things made.
"The varra winemaker for his own high
High-quality grapes with rich taste.
But that intensity means fewer vines per acre.
So the price of grapes is relatively high.
A bottle of Stephenson is worth up to $4.
Increase the cost of oak barrels for aged wines
Then add the cork, the label, the glass bottle and everything else --
It costs Stephenson $14 to make a bottle.
A wholesale dealer paid him about $16.
The profit of Stephenson's bottle: two dollars.
The retail price of the same bottle in the restaurant is about $32, $60 or more.
But if the winemaker can sell his own wine without going through the dealer, he can get a full $32 income.
The key to this is to build a reputation and a large mailing list of potential buyers.
But Stephenson is not fully present yet.
So he said he made about $10,000 in profits from the winery last year.
"This is a great year," Stephenson said . ".
"I think I lost $30,000 the year before and $150,000 the year before. . .
It's in the hole and nothing comes out.
It will take me about 10 years to get back what I put in at the time.
"But Stephenson loves what he does and doesn't change his career because of anything.
When he raised his glass to taste his best, his excitement was shown with a bright smile.
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