thousands of runners to converge on downtown montreal this weekend - buy plastic water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-23
thousands of runners to converge on downtown montreal this weekend  -  buy plastic water bottles
This is the first time since the city started its marathon, and the city center will be the starting line for 25,000 runners, who are expected to take part in the 28 Montreal Oasis International Marathon this weekend.
New venue for two-
Activities of the day, half of themMarathon 10-5 kilometers
Kilometers and one kilometer
Race against 42 kilometers.
The distance of 2 kilometers is part of what its new organizers call a new direction designed to bring the game closer to the audience.
"We want to be more important to our public and to provide them with another experience in Montreal," said game director Dominic Piche . ".
Former Montréal policeman pitche has also served as director of the Monte triathlon competition. Tremblant.
In June 2017, Ironman acquired the North American and European rock marathon series, including the Montreal Oasis International Marathon, and appointed pitche as the producer of the Montreal event.
Marathon and half way in recent years
The marathon starts with Jacques.
Cartier Bridge is on the way to the park.
Drapeau, then to Jacques-
Cartier to Old Montreal, end at Fontaine Park in plateau Monte
Royal, after fear
Climb Berri St.
On Sherbrooke StreetW.
Close to the end.
Sunday, Sunday, this year. 23, at 7:30 a. m.
Two routes follow the holy-Patrick St. to Monk Blvd.
Before returning to the city center via Griffin town.
Both games ended at the glasses field on Ste. Catherine St. W. at St-Urbain.
Both groups of runners have to sweat for Robert's success. Bourassa Blvd.
Although the marathon route will also follow Berri St.
Venture east to Maisonneuve Park before returning to the city center.
"Montreal is an Olympic town for me, and when we're like a marathon, the elite is part of our DNA," he said . ".
Petr Cech, born in Hull, said he has had a lot of affection for Montreal since he first took part in the marathon in 1996.
But there is a notable absence this year.
No free public transport was provided to those participating in the competition.
Past race fees include return transportation, which runners can pick up with their race bibs before the race.
The organizer of the competition paid for the transportation ticket.
However, Philippe Dairi, a spokesman for the Montreal Transport Association, said the transport agency was not a partner for this year's event and said it was the race organizer's decision not to provide free shipping.
STM will add staff to the event, he said, but the agency advised runners to buy transportation tickets in advance rather than on the day of the race to avoid long queues.
Dairui also said the STM warned the organizers of the event.
Pechech made a request and said he was "very hopeful" that a free transit pass would be recovered next year.
This is a combination of a number of factors, including last year's decision to cancel the marathon due to the heat wave, which requires paying back the cost of 5,000 participants while trying to plan for changes this year, Piche said.
"I call it the perfect storm," he said . ".
Choose an entertainment place suitable for wearing glasses, and find an alternative to distributing plastic bottles to runners, with time pressure as well.
"I'm still very behind (
Free public transport)
Because I believe we all have a responsibility to make more use of public transport . "
"I'm trying to host a marathon for Montreal that they're proud.
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