this wine glass fits to the contours of your face to intensify the taste - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-26
this wine glass fits to the contours of your face to intensify the taste  -  wine glass
Glass Mask-
Its creators say that the propaganda glass is "functional in part and novel in part ".
If you like wine, this product may be exactly what you have been waiting.
A new glass has been created, with a clear outline that can maximize your drinking experience. The specially-
The object of the design helps to inject the aroma of the wine directly into the nose of the drinker so that they can taste the full flavor and smell of the liquid.
The Wine Mask Glass features an edge that is snugly attached to your nose and is designed to help you enjoy the wine.
There are small air holes on both sides of the glass, called the Wenzhu nozzle, which allows you to breathe during the experience.
The glass is designed to control the flow of oxygen while keeping an eye on the scents of fruits, spices, herbs and flowers.
Source: inventor James Piate said on the project's Kickstarter page: "The wine glass mask is designed to concentrate the bouquet, concentrate the smell of fruits, spices, herbs and flowers that control the flow of oxygen.
"When you breathe, you notice a strong fragrance because none of your experiences are lost.
He explained that when red wine breathes wine molecules in the air that combine nitrogen with oxygen, it means that "your wine drinking experience will never be the same . ".
James added: "The Wenzhu nozzle in front of the wine glass mask reduces the flow of oxygen and nitrogen and increases the speed of entering the wine aroma mixing room when you breathe in.
"The increased air speed takes more wine steam away from the surface, enriching the aroma and flavor.
James said he measured many faces and used 3D modeling software to design the best shape for the face mask glass.
Its creators say the glass is "functional in part and novel in part ".
Source: youtubehover he admits that it may not be suitable for everyone due to the diversity of facial shapes. The crowd-
Funding projects aimed at raising dollars are listed as continuing until the third month, but there is still a long way to go to achieve their goals.
If enough money is raised, the glasses will be sold for $25 each and will be delivered as early as June.
The article first appeared in the sun.
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