this is why coke tastes better from a glass bottle - good glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-25
this is why coke tastes better from a glass bottle  -  good glass water bottle
Everyone knows that it tastes better to drink Coke in glass bottles.
But we don't even know why.
In fact, we know that science has been involved in this ancient problem and has ended years of confusion.
All this has to do with the reaction of carbonated drinks to the material it is preserved
When surrounded by glass, it seems to be better than a metal can.
The Science of Design founder Sarah Risch (
Nature is also a scientist)
Despite the best efforts of the beverage company, there will always be some kind of reaction that affects the liquid, explained.
Basically, Cola can absorb some flavor of the drink, although it is lined with a polymer and can reduce the reaction.
Reaction: Coke in the tank reacts with metal (Rex)
The opposite is true of plastic bottles --
You may find that it tastes different because some of the flavors are transferred to the drink.
However, when packaged in a classic Coke bottle, all the flavors remain the same, as there is almost no reaction.
So when you're excited about the cola in a glass bottle, you're not that crazy
This means you will get all the flavor you deserve.
Is anyone else thirsty now?
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