these cocktails take the classic gin and tonic up a notch - swizzle stick cocktail

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these cocktails take the classic gin and tonic up a notch  -  swizzle stick cocktail
Gin is a classic cocktail, but it's also very simple.
Mix gin with tonic and pour it on the ice.
Maybe decorate it with lime.
However, a simple drink is not so special. these bars all over the country are upgrading gin and tonic in a basic way.
Mercata la Planxa, Catalan-
A tapas restaurant and bar in Chicago featuring mercatudon and tonic, Mediterranean Zi by Mahon gin, hum cardamom liqueur, rosemary and Fever Tree
"Mercat G & T, our flagship in Barcelona --
The style of the "gin" project draws inspiration from the strong cultural and culinary history of Catalunya, Spain.
The base of the cocktail is the horse gold wine from the Balares islands, using the spiritual base from the grape variety of Catalunya.
The key to the cocktail comes from the Hum liqueur developed by the Chicago bartender.
This liqueur combines flowers and herbal plants, reminiscent of the intersection of Spanish and North African cuisine.
"The drink ended up with a fever tree Mediterranean tonic that brought the flavor of rosemary and Baili wood," said restaurant manager Kai Wilson . ".
Estiatorio Milos has changed from pink to purple in just one whirlpool, and this fun classic bar drink is known as the Mediterranean gin, available at Estiatorio Milos, in Miami, London, New York, Athens and Las Vegas.
Drink Queen 1908 gin, pepper syrup, Fever-
Tree Mediterranean nourishing water and lavender bitter water-
This is very friendly to Instagram.
In Arcadia, Chicago, there are gin, tonic and lime.
Rob Brouse, project director and spiritual curator at the bar, works with yuzu's Monkey 47
Lemon grass tonic, tonic and lime bitter, cucumber and kaffir lime ice cubes, and a golden falernum lemonlemonswi stick.
"I made one with fresh green lime skin, fresh lemon skin, dry jade foot skin, Jade foot juice, dry wild Anhui green lim, jinjina bark and sucrose
It has two ounces of monkey wine, fresh lemon juice and sodas.
It is decorated by the heart of the lemon grass stem, which is vacuum-treated and infused with golden falernum.
Lemon grass can be chewed with bright sweet pies and lemon flowers.
The second decoration is cucumber and lemon leaf layered ice block, which changes the flavor of the cocktail when it is drunk.
Bar Leader Benjamin rolls made Henry G & T in Nashville featuring grapefruit shrubs and grilled coriander, subtly balancing tank Thunder no. 10 gin.
Bar Leader Benjamin rolls pays attention to seasonality when making Henry G & T, constantly rotating shrubs and local produce to provide unique spin effects for classic cocktails.
New york-Frank Ollie of the Netherlands
Based on Fred's gin and gin in the Netherlands, add starfruit and butterfly pea flowers, Ollie's homemade gin, Kiwi, lavender, red pepper and
"Gin and tonic is a refreshing cocktail.
I always preach that there are four components of the cocktail.
Its ingredients are representative, fragrant, tasty and balanced.
Our gin and tonic is meant to make our guests at the Fred hotel in the Netherlands part of this cocktail experience and our philosophy.
There are 3 layers of this gin and tonic, but only 2 layers are visible.
Rest at the bottom with a mixture of Kiwi citrus, in the middle is Ollie's homemade tonic, butterfly pea tea and star fruit that joins Dingle duzon sit on the top pleasantly with a burnt lemon peel on it, float the whole red pepper with a paper straw.
We will serve our guests in this way.
After receiving the gin and tonic, they will be instructed to serve the drink with straw, and then they will see the illusion that the gin and tonic will change color in front of their eyes
Our guests will sip, relax and glow after the winter!
Said Frank Oli.
Laurel bar and lounge, bar manager at Laurel bar and lounge at Joie de Vivre San Francisco offers Oh dear!
Cocktails really like spring, very much.
The rain in San Francisco is welcome.
It is made with butterfly pea tea infused with gin and brings it interesting purple, honey simple syrup, lemon juice, Fever Tree elder wood flower tonic and drizzle with honey and
BistroNew base in New York City
Bistro-based GGG & T is grapefruit and ginger-
Gin with tonic.
Nicole Andreoli, the bartender at Home Base Bistro, did this infusion because she wanted some fresh wine.
The bitter sweet and juicy taste of grapefruit is well matched with the sweet and spicy taste of ginger;
Mix gin with soup to achieve a perfect balance between sweetness and spice.
Moors Steakhouse and Bistro, Moors Steakhouse and G & T magnique restaurant in Las Vegas palace, the team works with Mumbai Sapphire Oriental to customize supplements, A unique flavor mixture has been created from 24 different extracts that embody the essence of Morchella, including then adding the aroma of grapefruit to make it seasonal.
Then add the Seltzer water in Sodastream with some simple syrup to the tonic and bottle it in 8 oz.
Bottle and lid.
The result is a plant that is sweeter than the usual nourishing water.
Then, the tonic water is combined as usual with the Bombay Sapphire Oriental, done with an ice cube injected into juniper berry and grapefruit, adding more plant flavor when it melts
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