there’s a major problem with ‘mummy drinking’ culture - funny wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-16
there’s a major problem with ‘mummy drinking’ culture  -  funny wine glasses
This is a piggy bank with the words "mother's Gin Fund" on the back.
A small part of me wants to buy it so I can go and buy it with a hammer.
I realize it's not a popular point of view, but I absolutely hate-I'm talking about the fire of Qianyang here-there are household items for writing.
It makes me a little sick to say "Live, Laugh, Love" or a sign of wood painted with a set of "family rules" about "kindness" and "do your best.
So I'm willing to accept that my problem with this "mom's Gin Fund" piggy bank could be pure interior design snob.
But the more I think about this despicable project, the more I start to wonder if there will be a deeper problem here.
There are fun, thoughtless items that mention "mom's drink" everywhere.
Mat, logo, laundry bag, wine glass, few items with no cute title about "mom" and her favorite alcoholic drink.
But why should this be properly discussed, and in recent history women are considered worthless to be drinkers only.
Before the second war, a woman sitting in a bar was considered shocking and her chances of becoming a sex worker were high.
It was not until 1982 that the bar was forced to serve women.
Until then, it was perfectly legal to refuse to sell a drink to a single woman in a bar.
Therefore, there is a certain degree of Liberation in women's drinking culture.
When women enter the workplace, drinking is to "keep up with the boys and prove themselves ".
By the middle of 1990s, it has been confirmed that women like to drink alcohol, so alco-
Popular as a "girl" drink.
I fully support women who drink.
I love wine and you can like the exact amount of it before you start worrying about it.
I drink a lot and I have no intention of giving up if I become a parent.
But I still think the culture of "drinking mom" is dangerous.
As we all know, being a mother is very stressful and tiring.
However, the suggestion that gin or wine is the best way to deal with stress and fatigue is dangerous.
Ideally, you should drink alcohol moderately and enjoy it.
If alcohol is your primary coping mechanism as a parent, if this is your primary coping mechanism under fatigue and stress: Mummy drinking culture confuses these two things, being a mom, be an alcoholic.
It is normal to drink because you are a mother.
We saw it all on Facebook-moms uploaded photos of big girls with the caption "The kids are finally asleep ".
"In the past, women were ashamed of the trials and tribulations of their mothers and are now encouraged to announce them on social media.
Admitting that you love your parents, saying that you enjoy it, or it's easy for you, is actually treason.
An anonymous mother told Metro that I had been drinking alcohol for a long time before I realized I had a problem. co. uk.
"I thought I was okay because I was getting up every day to continue my life.
Everyone is talking about how much wine they drink to deal with the problem of being a mom.
"Of course, most mothers don't knock out the wine very often.
They have no time.
But you think they come from describing the way the mummies drink, which is forgiven.
The anonymous mother explained that I thought I was normal.
"I thought everyone was doing this.
She looked shocked until I mentioned to the doctor how much I had drunk, and I thought I might have drunk too much.
Her experience is not unusual either.
"I see it spread across the country-more and more mothers, especially with young children, come to therapy," said Deni Carise, deputy chief clinical officer of CRC Health Group, maria Shriver, the nation's largest provider of addiction treatment, told Today.
This is the problem.
Women should not be ashamed of drinking.
I refuted the suggestion that parents should do so, but, I think it is lazy to suggest that drinking is the normal way to deal with parenting.
If women have to turn to gin to get through the day, we fail.
No aspect of your life should be so nervous that you need a drink in order to survive.
Especially not parents.
It's a big deal to have an alcoholic parent.
The government has just announced a £ 6 million support plan to support the children of alcohol drinkers, which is a very important thing. And while no-
One suggestion is that after a particularly stressful day, having a cocktail party lets you drink alcohol should not be your default pillar.
So instead of buying someonetruly hideous)
Gin mats, why not give them an hour or two? Maybe the babysitter for a few hours will keep your friends from getting the gin bottle.
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