there’s a lot to remember at bresca, but you’ll never forget the duck - stainless steel ice balls

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there’s a lot to remember at bresca, but you’ll never forget the duck  -  stainless steel ice balls
The following comments are published in The Washington Post's 2018 fall food guide. Bresca (Good/Excellent)No contest.
The most impressive dish on the menu is duck.
It's not just dry.
For a month long, the bird was first presented in full, then quickly sliced, and then sliced back with thick duck meat, A bowl of burnt wild onions and a salad for the season (
Peach in summer).
Although it is luxurious to spread out, in the restaurant, jus is the thing to turn the head because it originated from a trolley with a gorgeous 70-
The pound is pressed on it.
In the old cage-
Bones, duck meat and herbs in the Chef's Garden --
Owner Ryan Ratino
The blood and juice flowing from the mouth of the pot, he reduced the blood and juice with butter in the small pot.
He poured an original and smooth sauce on and around the duck, and its skin was crisp and radiant, painted with pink pepper, coriander and honey.
If you haven't noticed, la Tino will make delicious food.
"But I still want my neighbors to be approachable," the chef said . " He made sure there was always an pasta on his compromise list.
When you read this, except welcome cocktails (
"A wine of entertainment," joke server)
The duck will leave the building.
At the end of the summer, I had a delicious salad of Brata, carrots and pumpkin seed Duca and scallops.
I predict that there is only more decoration in autumn, winter and spring. 2.
StarsBresca: 14 th, 1906NW. 202-518-7926. brescadc. com.
Dinner on Tuesday-Sunday.
Price: mid-range $13-$26.
Sound check: 77/must speak with raised sound. --
The following comments initially appeared in The Washington Post's 2018 Spring Food Guide.
Bresca presents the chef's creativity (Good/Excellent)
It's impossible to get bored by Ryan Latino's cooking.
"We like to take what you might have had in the past and put our twist on it," said the chef, an open fan of "anything raw, he shipped the goods with his riff on the steak tartartare.
Latino mixes deep red aged beef with onion puree and mayonnaise extracted from beef fat, then sprinkled on it with yellow duck yolk crumbs.
He reimagined blini and caviar as warm little buckwheat pancakes, replacing the cream cake with three fish roe and Palm ice cream.
He put dorade, a small fish with a great taste, in olive oil and enhanced it with fennel as a bud, burnt top, green oil, and subisi.
His Moon Street Northwest dear, its name is the Spanish "hive" left in the whimsical restaurant of the hexagonal shape of the message and once in a gorgeous cocktail, Beeshaped glass.
Beg the bee's knee. ---
The following comments were originally made in December. 13, 2017.
A young chef is no longer working safely for Ryan Latino in braiska.
Now that the chef has his own place on the 14 th Street Northwest, he says he has been cooking "outside the box where we were put in Ripple, June, the neighborhood lottery in Cleveland Park is unfortunately in the dark.
Don't get me wrong. The eager-to-
The 27-year-old Latino thanked him for his support in ripple.
But in order for regulars to be happy with his previous post, he knew he had to offer cheese plates and beef short ribs.
By contrast, Bresca invites you to start your dinner and eat some sweet and spicy pigeons, including claws, that won't look inappropriate in the birds, warned alfred Hitchcock, fear can be ignited from everyday life.
Don't be afraid, though, because starting is an eternal force.
The wing is Nashville-
Heat with a dehydrated spice mixture, taking into account the pepper, garlic and tomato, while the thigh is glazed with a mulberry jam sauce.
The game started, chicken wings!
There's not some better edge in Bresca. known envelope-
Putter Washington
No one will breathe dragon smoke like Jose Andres's mini bar
But its chef sprinkled enough curiosity on his menu, prompting strangers to ask you what you ordered and then follow you when they give their thumbs up.
Yes, we tell the couple on the next table that you will want foie gras.
The first dish shared is shown as a pink disc that heals duck liver (
Standing in peanut butter)
The cube with Concord grape jelly flashing on the plate turned out to be a lid hidden with warm grapes.
Someone wiped it on a fragrant shell.
Shaped cake with a little foie gras;
Other diners use heat to keep the cold out.
Any kind of strategy will allow you to play with your food and then go back to the time when nanny and allowance rule your life no matter how rushed.
A similar sense of surprise (and delight)
Accompanied by scallop crudo, presented under the canopy of thin sliced Asian pears, it can easily pass through overlapping scallop flakes before you poke into solid, crisp fruit.
Under the cover of ivory, covered with black lime, it is a delicious Nantucket scallop.
"The coolest thing about a scallop dish is to make an exhibition muscle for aioli," said one well, where the dots decorate the surface of the small plateNotify the server. (
Muscles are generally dumped;
Like many chefs, la Tino tries not to waste anything. )
Translated from Spanish to "honeycomb", Bresca displays images throughout the private restaurant, where the main booth and the screen on the back are designed with a honeycomb.
On the menu, the size of the hexagon in front of a set of dishes indicates whether they are a snack, a mid plate or a platter.
When you are considering your choice, some pleasant photos will be provided.
One night everyone drank a vodka flavored with lemon verbena tea, Furong and cinnamon.
A small mouth free of charge often leads to a small mouth paid.
The best design award is awarded to the knee of the tart bee, which is very charming in the glassand-
Stainless steel cup in bee shape.
However, more to my taste is gin.
Forward Hanky Panky redolent of bitter grass liqueur, bitter AI.
Latino's modernist approach and French training did not beat the Italian background of the Ohio native.
For example, his past was comparable to the Fabio Trabocchi of respected Fiola and Fiola Mare.
Agnonotti is stuffed with roasted chestnuts, softens with butter and milk, and shares a bowl with braised rabbits and sunscreen.
Even headier is a roll of language reels connected with truffles, butter, and soft leaves of sea urchins, an ingredient that is so common now that it's not surprising to find it in Denny's.
If corruption is a crime, la Tino will be sentenced for at least a few years.
Enough dishes show that he is not a man who is completely heavy.
My favorite dish is olives. oil-
Boiled big hali fish, a fish that I thought was boring, but in the hands of La Tino, it kept me focused.
First of all, the big hali fish floats in a vaduwan car.
Thick soup of coconut milk and light dishes.
The decoration is provided with thin orange noodles made of pumpkin. In a word, fin-tastic. Pineapple-
The carrot salad sounds more like a side dish than a vegetarian diet.
But when it comes to dining tables, everyone wants to find their place in the edible landscape of carrot ribbons, carrot puree and spiced pineapple.
Vegetables and fruits provide cover for the cereal salad in the middle of the plate, striped with curry oil, and crushed here and there with a little jujube paste. (
The chef likes his sweet notes and sometimes damages a dish, and some ideas, including this one, can use instructions on how to handle them.
When I was picky, there were delicious octopus dishes everywhere. )
The terrain, er the salad, is best to eat with the more extensive dishes on the list, including a delicious veal breast made of cognac stew, pepper and veal sauce, with a ribbon of pickled cabbage.
To make this dish, the chef used the same mold for making soy sauce and sake-Qu to simulate the dry-aging.
The veal is as fat as a pork belly and comes with a pickled apple the size of a Barbie golf ball, making it an ideal foil for juicy meat.
Ratino likes to introduce his platter in person and currently offers several ways for multiple entrees including Ducks: Honey slices
Glazed breasts, sausage coins relying on foie gras and warm spices and (squeam alert)duck head.
Don't knock it before you try it;
Cheek meat similar to roast beef is a good choice.
The role of the head is equivalent to introducing the novice to the unknown part to indicate freshness.
What is more decadent is the North net cooked with duck fat and apple butter, which is as light as mousse, and has red cabbage and tender smoothness in the casserole cooked under the nut lotion.
Seasoned cheese.
A companion shouted as he investigated the spread: "He wants to kill us!
"With kindness and generosity, I think.
The menu description did not start preparing dinner for the complexity of the upcoming event, which is real in the dessert.
Take the banana pudding as an example. it is made of baked fruit and tied together with plastic wrap to ferment.
Add cream and cream cheese to the banana to make candy similar to the half Fredo texture;
The waiter will scrape a piece of chocolate on the plate before you go in.
The best ending is a change on the ambrosia Ratino served by Ripple: a crispy dome with pink pepper on it, with a pineapple, passion fruit, mango and
Bresca has the feeling of a nearby restaurant and some special taste.
Introducing the wonders of contemporary American cuisine to conservative diners may not be your first choice.
But this is an attractive place to see a chef working and imagine where he will be in the next few years.
I suspect it's up and down.
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