the spirited traveller: dawa, nairobi's "medicinal" cocktail - swizzle stick cocktail

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the spirited traveller: dawa, nairobi\'s \
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"Dawa" means "medicine" in Swahili, as in "I need dawa for headache.
"It's also the name of a refreshing cocktail found in Nairobi --
On a hot afternoon it sounded like a doctor ordered it.
This drink is a mixture of vodka, lime juice, honey and a little soda water, usually added with sugar on the edge of the glass.
"It has a stick so you can stir honey from the bottom --
Beth O'Donnell, an American photographer and artist, explains that she is also head of East African hunting, where she lives for months of the year.
In addition to a glass of chilled Tusk beer, the label also features the iconic African elephant, Dawa is a drink that can be requested, especially at a local hotel bar.
"If I were in Nairobi, at the bar, I ordered a Dawa and they would know what I was talking about," O'Donnell said . ".
If you can't do this, choose the classic gin
During the British colonial period, quinine was considered a drug in nourishing water to help fight malaria.
"If you attend a conference in Nairobi, it may be at the Norfolk Hotel ()
Said O'Donnell.
This historic hotel opened in 1904 and is known as the place where "off Africa" writer Karen Bryson lived in the 1920 s, and the Terrace Bar in Norfolk is in old-world colonial-style.
At the same time, the luxury hotel tribe ()
In the upscale Muthaiga hotel near the United Nations compound, poolside drinks are also a great choice.
O'Donnell, considered the most modern hotel in the area, described the bar scene as "complex" and the surroundings as "the First World and shocking to see in Nairobi
"And then the carnivores ()
The restaurant claims to have invented Dawa, but perhaps the most famous is the meat festival (
Lamb, pork, ostrich, even crocodile)
Its name implies.
Here, the drinks in the house were delivered by a "doctor" named "Doctor" on a tray.
In addition to traditional vodka, brandy, rum and tequilabased cocktail.
But it's a amulet. 320 Ngong Road)
In downtown Pittsburgh, O'Donnell sees this as "the best place in town" for eating or drinking, and "the place to see the local scene best ".
"With a low sofa and a beautiful garden, the only thing you need to complete this scene is to have a Tusker or Dawa in your hand.
This drink also works well with gin or white rum.
The key item at hand is a swizzle stick or a "dawa stick" that whisk honey into the drink.
1 teaspoon of brown sugar 1 lime, 2 ounces of vodka honey (
About 1 tablespoon)
In an old-fashioned glass, mix the lime with brown sugar and squeeze out the lime juice as much as possible.
Add crushed ice and vodka.
Dip a "dawa stick" in the honey and screw it onto the coat. Use the honey-
Stir the drink with a coated stick.
Alternatively, a lump of honey can be added to the drink and then stirred from the bottom with a dawa stick.
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