the new, cool wine glass to covet: zalto stemware from austria - glass wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-13
the new, cool wine glass to covet: zalto stemware from austria  -  glass wine glasses
Which wine glasses do cool kids covet these days?
This is the incredible elegance of the fine glassware manufacturer zalto from Austria.
Like Riedel's Sommelier Series, Zalto stemware has super
Make Drinking wine a thin edge of fun.
They are also very light.
You can put them in the dishwasher and I appreciate it after washing so many mornings --and drying —
Dozens of handmade wine glasses.
Thomas Keller is using them in the French laundry room.
They are also on 11 tables at Madison Park, Bouley and Le Bernadin.
Even Robert Parker gave Zalto a glowing quote.
The sommelier was fascinated by Zalto glasses.
But one of my favorite words comes from Michelle Smith, the wine director of Brooklyn cuisine, "the stems are like high heels.
In other words, sexy.
I actually have a Zalto glass, a gift from a friend who broke one of my Riedels.
Since then, I have begun to appreciate its delicate balance.
I'm not too worried about it being overturned.
Reading on glassware on Zalto's website, the discussion can be a bit mysterious: "The curve of the bowl is tilted at an angle of 24 °, 48 ° and 72 °, this is consistent with the tilt angle of the Earth.
The ancient Romans used these three angles in their supply bank and found that the products remained fresh for a longer period of time and the taste improved.
Because of these cosmic similarities, we believe that wine can reach its greatest potential in denk'art (
Official name of the line)
Glass, thanks to these cosmic similarities, develops everything possible on the nose and palate. "Huh?
This line is relatively small with half a dozen glasses. -
One for champagne, white wine, Bordeaux, Burgundy and sweet wine.
There is also a beer cup and a water cup, and "universal", almost everything.
Walesin West Los AngelesA.
Stock prices are now between $55 and $63.
You can also buy online from 6 dealers, from $342 to $376 with free shipping.
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