the making of prosecco superiore docg's wine glass - wine glass

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the making of prosecco superiore docg\'s wine glass  -  wine glass
Can the wine glass be sexy?
A new study published in February 25 in the journal Alcohol and alcohol abuse shows that people who like a glass of wine are considered more attractive than sober people.
While the study focuses on alcohol consumption, one has to wonder if the design of glassware is more important than function.
Can the simple action of holding a drink from a beautiful wine glass make you look or feel sexy?
The production of Prosecco Superiore DOCG wine glass when the Italian Conegliano valdobbiadenesupericooredocg Consortium decided that its name required its own wine glass No. 10-
A generation of company executives and glass manufacturers at Riedel.
The Riedel family from Austria is still one of the best glass manufacturers in the world.
Family history can be traced back to 1678, but understanding the nuances of the shape of the glass and how it affects the taste and perception of alcoholic beverages is the ninth generation Claus Joseph Riddle.
His masterpiece, sommelier, is the first series of wine-based series launched in 1973.
"We have already started our contact at riedelprosecco superioreglasswour at Édi Tutela delprosecco di corneano Valdobiaddene (
Coneliano ValdobiaddeneProsecco of the Federation)
"To find the best doccosuperiore DOCG in the shape of glass," Riedel explains . ".
"Consorzio came to us because our philosophy is known for developing the functionality of the shape of glassware suitable for a particular variety of features that show the absolute advantage of wine.
After seeing the popularity of Italian proseccoin and its growing potential in Europe and the United States, we want to provide consumers with a wine that can give them the best wine experience.
Riedel continues to explain that the flute is traditionally a glass shape used to drink proseck wine, but their narrow shapes do not allow people to fully understand the complexity of the wine.
According to Alan Tadi and Alan Tadi of the United States, glass has a significant impact on the experience of wineS.
Consortium ambassador for Conegliano Valdobbiadene.
"Usually the best glass of good wine (
What good sparkling wine is there)is aglasstulip-
"It's like a fairly well-stocked bowl, and it's getting thinner in the mouth," Tardi said . " He feels that reidelproseccosuperilaslassis is a good example.
"The wider bowl allows the wine to breathe and develop and show what it has while a slight cone highlights the fragrance.
Riedel agrees that the shape of Proseccobowl allows you to fully appreciate the aroma and bubbles of the wine.
"Its dramatic diamond shape is a special design element that creates a very wide surface area in the glass to enhance the evaporation of alcohol and better display of young, powerful fruits --
Like prosecco, there are power bouquets, "said Riedel.
Why is the design of the wine glass?
The Consortium found that Prosecco was supplied in the shape of various glassware and showed the wine they expected, while others crushed it to make it taste like medium-to-
The lower quality wine loses its aroma due to the bubbles dissipate too fast.
A task force, which includes the agreement of cooperation of the chairman (per la Tutela delProsecco, Franco Adami, Robert De Lucchi of Primo Franco Caneval Cantina, pub Nino, confraternita delProseccoFloriano Curto, president of oenologist, and others produced in the workshop, was to look at the issue.
As a result, even some
The accepted glass like the flute does not fully demonstrate its potential.
"The problem with the flute is that the narrow cylinder does not give a larger size
"There is a lot of room for the development of the wine body, and it is difficult to get your nose into the small mouth to enjoy the fragrance," Tadi said . ".
Not a coupe.
"The problem with the coupe is that the mouth is wide open, which allows all the scents to escape quickly, and it's too short, so the bubbles will dissipate quickly," Tardi added . ".
The task force identified the challenge of its own glass and chose the riddle crystal with its reputation and philosophy.
Riedel led the group through a sensory workshop where every wine merchant tasted-
Tested his own wine.
The wine he knows best.
From each of the 19 Bowl shapes, as well as aProseccofrom from another producer, to ensure that the results remain the same and reduce the shape to six cups.
Over the next few months, the group organized wine tastings with 50 proseck producers, winemakers and experts, and finally reached a consensus on the best glass in proseck.
A year later, Prosecco Superiore DOCG Glass was born.
According to Franco Adami, president of Franco zio per la tuela delProsecco, "Prosecco glass is much more than a simple glass;
For us, this will be a communication tool that will recognize the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco area organically, visually and aesthetically.
"If you want to look sexy while drinking a Prosecco Superiore DOCG in a very elegant glass, according to Riedel, you have to go to a restaurant or bar because it is not yet open to the public.
The current demand is limited to deals, however, who knows that you can also enjoy a cup at home if there are enough people starting to ask to buy their family bar.
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