the lowdown: brosé - steel pint glass

by:Koodee      2019-08-06
the lowdown: brosé  -  steel pint glass
My shout.
What do you want? Pint of lager?
I think I want a rose. Rosé?
I don't think this will happen. Why not?
Worried about what the bartender would think?
You know, some of us don't need to weigh a pint on the internal organs of the beer to prove our manhood.
When the mood takes us away, we can enjoy a cup of pink.
No, that's it. . .
Man, you need to get rid of those stereotypes.
Many people like their roses.
You know, it's not all about the flower hills, the Echo Falls, and friends. Hand-
Harvest, fermentation of stainless steel, aging of barrels. . .
The wine is more dry and the quality is increasing.
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