the last-minute gift guide from consumerist and consumer reports - steel pint glass

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the last-minute gift guide from consumerist and consumer reports  -  steel pint glass
Can You Feel It?
When people around the world realize that there are only so many shopping days left, there is a slight panic in the air --
They don't know what to give to the people they love?
We can help you with that.
One minute shopping anxiety and mixing
Curated by the editor of Consumer Report news site Consumerist, a tested product and personal selection gift.
The personal signature of the consumer editor, with the initials Kate Cox (KC)
Ashley Kieler (AK), Meg Marco (MM)Chris Moran (CM)
Laura Northrop (LN)
Or Mary Beth chick. MBQ).
Experts at ThermoWorks Pocket rt600cscoche SportClip 3 earbuds CR have been looking for headphones with very good sound and the price is not high, however, let's face it and find out they are really
The $35 headset has a high score in sound quality and is good for athletes.
They don't like it, but if you know someone who always needs headphones in a gym or somewhere else, you come here.
Buying Scotty sport3 earplugs on Amazon bulk movie tickets is a tip consumers have been sharing since we first heard about it in 2012.
You can buy movie tickets in bulk and distribute them among your friends and family. (
Of course it's in pairs.
Nothing can say "Happy Holidays" like a movie ticket ". )
There are several ways to buy from the cinema chain website or Costco.
Keep in mind that there may be additional surcharges for 3D or other fine print and restrictions. —
You will find an animal hole once you start the search --
Theme socks you can buy online.
I bought some different options (
Although I can't guarantee all 25 varieties)
Give it to yourself as a gift and feel they are cute. —
Lshop Customonaco cute animal socks on Amazon Hunter QLS-
03 humidifier for people who travel a lot in your life, here is a smart humidifier, it is small enough, can be packed, strong enough to do well in the CR test.
It has fog in any direction you like and the water tank is an inverted water bottle (Up to 20 ounces)—
All you need to do is pack your luggage. Shop Hunter QLS-
If you just want to put Netflix in yours, no-so-
Smart TV, or if your "smart" TV is built in --
It's terrible in software, it's a great device.
Also, if you prefer to use headphones, the relevant Roku app lets you transfer audio over your phone.
4 k is not supported for this model, but there is a higher-
The price is reasonable. —
The LNShop Roku Streaming Stick on AmazonKleen Kanteen stainless steel pint glasses is stylish and tough.
I give to people who want to be more durable than glass but don't like plastic and often go outdoors, like my dad.
These are my cups, but there are many choices. —
MMShop stainless steel pint glasses on Amazon
People's ticking wall clocks (like me)
Who wants a wall clock but will be completely driven by the ticking sound.
There are a wide variety of styles and brands to choose from depending on your taste.
I want a clock that will not drive me crazy;
This is effective in this regard. —CMShop Non-
Ticking wall clock on AmazonQ & A Every Day: 5-
If you like the idea of keeping a diary, but are not sure where to start, this diary will ask you a question every day for five years.
You can get a pre-printed question or buy a blank diary and make a more customized gift yourself.
Stick to it for more than a year and you can see how your answer evolved over time. —MM Shop Q-and-A a Day: 5-
The annual log on the Amazon goat calendar this is actually just a calendar with photos of goats climbing over trees.
There is no way to not enjoy this. —
The MMShop goat on the tree calendar on Amazon thermoworks is rt600c for the cat-loving population bag. . .
My cat Olivia's favorite: When the cat nip ends up losing efficacy, the hole refilled cat nip squirrel, just refill the squirrel's inner compartment with fresh cat nip to make a good time again—
Frannie's favorite Amazon cat: ethical pet wide and durable springs for cats that need constant entertainment, these fun, affordable springs don't disappoint.
Please note: they will inevitably be stuck under your sofa/stove/fridge/any hardto-reach place. —
MBQShop offers dog lovers a wide and durable spring for ethical pets on Amazon. . .
My dog Archie's favorite: The Hound's invincible stuffed snake stuffing-
Free durable dog toys, no padding, durable stitching, much longer than most dog toys I purchased.
For dogs who work very hard on toys, it works very well. —
CMShop hound invincible stuffed snake-
Amazon my dog whiskey favorite free and durable dog toy: My dog whiskey (10 months old)
Not completely destroyed.
Although some ears are missing now, the real bear is intact and she likes to play with them. —
There are AKShop Kong Wild Knots on Amazon's home WiFi system, and Eero is expensive but not a normal router.
In fact, three routers work together to create a mesh network that can extend further than a single router.
In fact, a CR editor found it fixed his WiFi problem.
If you really, really like (
Eero is expensive)
Who suffers in the dead zone of the basement, or who dreams of playing Netflix on the lawn, don't look again, you have found your gift.
Buying the Eero home WiFi system on the AmazonLinksys AC2600 router is not only the King of the CR lab router, but it has a pleasant (if a bit threatening) Darth ·like aesthetic.
It can handle a lot of smartphones and other Internet
Connected devices, and powerful enough to cover dead starssized home. (Not literally.
Please don't email us. )
Super users will love many customizable settings and the rest of us will love simple settings and automatic firmware updates. (
Seriously, don't email us how big the star of death is and how powerful it might be
Use the enhanced mesh of the old lightsaber of the dead Jedi. Resist. )
The Shop Linksys AC2600 router on Amazon ona finally believes that router consumers require CR to quickly compare the two recommended routers for us.
The result is: if you need a vast prairie
Like WiFi, don't mind a router that looks like an Apple product from 2008, and don't want to fiddle with a bunch of settings to buy Eero.
If the recipient of this gift likes to optimize settings that most others don't understand or know, get Linksys.
It does quite epic things in terms of fast transfer of large files between computers, etc, and it will use WiFi to handle multiple devices at the same time, such as game consoles and TV streaming movies, or even 4 k.
Sonos Play: 5 wireless speaker Sonos products are not cheap, but the lab test of CR confirms that the sound quality of Play: 5 is very good.
Put the two of them together (
The focus of Sonos speakers is that they form networks wirelessly)
The sound climbed up the almost unheard of "excellent" field (No pun intended)
The sound testing team of CR picky.
How good is the sound?
A consumer editor (
Hope to remain anonymous)
Use the Play: 5 Sonos speakers instead of hiring a wedding DJ to justify the cost.
She has no regrets.
Store Sonos Play: install 5 wireless speakers on AmazonLG 55u6550 55-
Look, this is a Super Bowl. worthy 55-
4 k resolution inch TV for less than $1,000.
I mean, come on, it's very good picture quality.
What special invitation are you waiting?
Shop LG 55u6550 55-
The inch TV kitchen thermometer on the AmazonThermoWorks pocket RT600C is an important tool to make anyone a better chef. This battery-
Instant operation-
Reading digital thermometers can provide fast, accurate and reliable results on an easy-to-read display, so you can always make sure you're baked.
Also, you need a thermometer to test the consumer's lab
Tested the best burger recipes.
Buy ThermoWorks pocket RT600C 10-on Amazon pioneer women vintage spotted non-stick pan-Celebrity suit-
The brand's stuff always seems to be risky to buy, but this suit from pioneer women was put on hold in the CR test.
The uniformity and non-stick durability of cooking are the best tests, most of which are lightweight.
And it's really affordable and lovely.
Shop pioneer woman retro spots non-stick pot 10-
Automatic suit on Amazon Ninja personal blender
Tests by IQ blcr CR show that this is the best personal mixer under $100.
It can handle both smoothies and the whole
Fruit juicing, once you have finished your masterpiece, you can do it at 18-or 24-Container of ounces
Store Ninja personal blender automatic
The iQ Blaster on AmazonBialetti Moka Express Stovetop coffee machine is an iconic stovetop Espresso coffee machine that you may see growing up in the kitchen. . .
If you were raised by cool Italians
The octagonal design evenly distributes heat, CR says, and also makes it easy to connect the two halves tightly.
It has five sizes, no decorative aluminum, and several colors.
Shop stove coffee pot dump on Bialetti Moka Express AmazonMelitta
On the coffee maker, there are many pots and devices for brewing
But CR likes this classic product invented more than 100 years ago. Grind coffee. Heat water.
Pour water on coffee.
Realize happiness.
Beautiful shop dumping
Coffee on Amazon Hamilton Beach 40998 electric teapot, a $20 electric teapot that is actually very good.
CR says it heats water almost as fast as our other option (
More expensive but stylish Capresso H20 Plus)
Made of stainless steel.
Tested six different electric kettles at store 40998 Hamilton Beach on AmazonCapresso H20 Plus teapot CR, the fastest one to heat the water.
In fact, faster than the microwave.
Also, glass bottles and silver handles are really beautiful. . .
If you happen to care about something like this
Buying Capresso H20 Plus Cold Brew Coffee on Amazon Brewer cold brewer coffee machine is a very interesting thing for people and now you can be one of them.
Buy Brewer cold brewer my 10-on Amazon kindle paper white-year-
The old self who sleeps and reads with a flashlight every night can't imagine an e-book as his own book lamp.
The future is amazing. —
Kindle paper white on Amazon Kate's favorite Sci
The 2016 Fi, for those who can't overcome how crazy 2016 books are with KidsCard & Board GamesGreat video games, costs less than $25 (
Depending on the version, retailer and platform, the price may exceed $25)
More information from Consumer Reports: The preferred tire price for 2016 best used cars is $25,000, and the less7 best mattress reported by lessconsumer Consumer has nothing to do with any advertisers on this website.
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US 2016 Consumer AllianceS.
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