the kepharts: michael owens and the glass industry - good glass water bottle

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the kepharts: michael owens and the glass industry  -  good glass water bottle
Michael Owens is neither a mechanic, a draftsman nor a designer.
However, he created such a complex machine that changed the glass industry.
It also affected Gloucester County.
Michael Owens was born in January.
1859 West Virginia
In 1869, 10-year-old Owens went to J. H.
Hobbs Brockunuier glass works.
He is one of 6,000 children working 12 to 14 hours a day.
His job is to do "carry"Carry in the boy-
Come Out Boy, Mold
The boy of and the honor ofhold boy.
In 1874, 15-year-old Owens became a glassblower.
During this apprenticeship, Owens watched the world's best craftsmen blow glass.
At the age of 20, the flint glass workers union in the United States chose Mike Owens to strike at the New England glass company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
He was very successful as a speaker, and owner Edward Drummond Limbe was kicked out of New England and entered Toledo, Ohio.
Owens followed Libbey to Toledo and found a job at the company six months later.
Owens works behind the scenes.
Mike Owens felt that the glass bottles produced were not good enough or cheap enough.
Starting with a simple bike pump, Owens proves that Glass can be blown mechanically.
His first invention was half.
An automatic machine that makes electric bulbs, light chimneys, and Glass glasses while working at Libbey Glass.
Owens gave Libbey Glass the exclusive right he invented.
They then organized Toledo glass to make light chimneys and glass glasses.
At 1893 Columbia Expo, Mike Owens supervised the operation of Libbey Glass Works.
As early as 1895 Owens owns the patent for glass forming machine.
In 1903, Owens produced the first viable automatic bottle machine.
It can produce nearly 400,000 bottles in 24 hours.
A soot blower with four assistants produced only 18 dozen in 14 hours.
Owens machine ended child labor in the glass industry.
The new machine allows the production of uniform weight, height and capacity.
Even the most skilled craftsmen can't do this.
The establishment of the first high-speed filling and packaging production line.
For the first time, it allows the government to set and adhere to certain standards, norms and tolerances in containers.
The Owens machine has 10,000 interchanged parts.
Owens, Libby and three colleagues: Clarence Brown, Frederick geed, and William Walbridge
The company organized the Owens Bottle Machine in Toledo.
Later, the name of the company was changed to Owens Bottle Company.
Before 1910, the Whitney glass factory in Glassboro leased the Owens automatic bottle maker.
Some Whitney notes were held at 1915 Owens and the remaining Whitney notes were taken in 1918.
In the same year, Owens bottles built a modern glass factory on Sewell Street in grasboro.
The factory was closed on 1929.
It reopened as a closing plant on 1936 and closed again on 1996.
In 1929, Owens Bottle Company merged with Illinois Glass Company to become Owens-Illinois.
Mike Owens continues to refine the first machine to automatically make flat glass.
In the 1920 s, Libbey and his colleagues at Toledo glass built the first flat glass factory in Charleston, USAV. .
It is called the first factory in the world called "automation factory.
Michael Owens died at the board meeting on 1923.
He is 64 years old and has never retired.
His property is worth more than millions of dollars, mainly shares of the company.
Owens's name continues as Libbey in the company-
Owensford was founded in 1930.
The third largest company in the name of Owens is Owens-
Corning Fiberglass Company, founded in 1938
Corning glass factory, Illinois
Michael Owens's education is very limited, but he uses his potential talents and abilities to produce machines that benefit humanity in many ways.
Owens has 45 patents, both independent and with others.
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