the humble victor diner mug, an icon of americana - coffee mug & tumbler

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the humble victor diner mug, an icon of americana  -  coffee mug & tumbler
What a simple coffee
Bracket related to power cord and USAS. military.
If you enter "Victor mug" on Amazon, the result will appear something called "dinner coffee cup", which is the classic curved edge, thick wall and small handle of the American
The mug I want is also boring.
This humble project has just over 100 reviews.
"Beautiful products"
Read star reviews.
"Perfect Cup," said the other person . ".
However, as a pore through the list, nostalgia and emotion are more prominent than praise for design or non-emotional reviews.
"It reminds me of coffee in New York, in restaurants. . .
It's not Starbucks persuasion. . . Good, old-
User ndrea Aspromonte [wrote]sic]in 2014.
Another user, Gary C.
In the same year, he cut in and said, "just like the Navy.
User DARRII named their review "memories of my childhood ".
"It's hard to imagine that any old product on a large retail site can cause an emotional reaction.
Like there's something in the Cup--
Especially those that seem to have been taken from another era. -
From a period of time before ventilation and pumpkin spices, carry too easy romantic luggage with you.
Maybe it's the comfort they evoke, the cold morning, the fresh pot of coffee, and the whole day ahead;
A lightly dipped tea bag, slow
Color sports feather into hot water.
Standard hot liquid
The bracket is usually called the cylinder C-handle mug.
Peter Kranes, managing director of Fishs Eddy, explained: "This is the most pedestrian Cup you will see . ".
"It looks like a cylinder, about 12 ounces, a big C handle.
He likened it to the "I Love New York" mug you saw at the souvenir shop.
Unfortunately, these types of mugs are as common as regular mugs, and they lack personality compared to a mug without personality
A white gloss, a cheeky restaurant logo, a colored glaze or a slightly unstable handle.
A more prolific, nostalgic person
Evoke dinner mug, a classic porcelain cup for intermediate food serviceto-
At the end of the 20 th century, before victor in New York, the factory was closed at the beginning of the 90 th century due to overseas competition. (
One reason it's hard to find in Amazon search. )
Old Regulars
Stylish diners may have encountered one without knowing it.
The only sign is full.
Cover the "VICTOR" stamp under the cup and occasionally follow the "Made in America"S. A.
"You know, if you have a chance.
Today, these mugs are collectibles, sold for around $6 to $15 per piece on eBay and Etsy, according to style.
It's not a gold mine, but it's obviously something of value, no matter how small.
Victor in New York is the home of Fred M.
Locke, at the end of the 19 th century, produced ceramic insulators for telegraph lines to prevent interference in bad weather.
According to Kranes, when Mr. Locke expanded his business outside the state, the original factory remained idle until 1935. Kranes has decades of experience in the food service tableware industry.
"In 1945, they decided to investigate whether to produce more products due to war and capacity," explained Kranes, "which will provide stable work for employees, and make sure that all of their Victor employees are paid weekly throughout the year.
Solution: high
"This is the same material, raw material that you will use for the insulator," Kranes continued . ".
The conflict abroad contributed to the disaster. -
And all Victor's. -
More and more popular.
"They were building them at the time. . .
According to the military's specifications, "said Kranes.
The design and weight of the Victor mug helps it resist falls and makes it less prone to tilt on unstable ships. Victor’s “dry-
The production method of "foot" also makes the Mug not easy to slip.
Turn over the cup or plate in your storage room and run around the edge with your fingers, maybe a little rough, matte more
Feel more than other objects.
This is because the mug is wiped on a wet rubber pad before firing in the kiln to prevent sticking to it.
"It took 72 hours [because it was too thick]to fire]
"At that time," Kranes said.
"Victor opened fire at 2,250 degrees Fahrenheit.
An additional fact of Kranes: due to the insulating properties of the mug, it can withstand about 765,000 volts of electricity.
The same properties help keep hot drinks in the mug.
Writer Susan Germain has the opportunity to visit the Victor factory and publish an article about the Cup in the now non-existent roadside magazine, which is dedicated to American restaurants and roadside cultureS.
"I first realized that Victor mug was made in Victor's rural village in New York," Germain told HuffPost in an email . ".
"It was not until I noticed that every family had a cabinet full of these heavy cups that I connected the dining cups to the insulator.
In the roadside article, Germain visited the factory with staff Nelson McKee.
She learned that the mug handle was applied by hand from the plaster mold to the side of the mug.
McKee told her that there are only three handle stickers, all female.
"They can smooth the handle better because their fingers are smaller," he explained . ".
Germain said that thanks to her Victor article, she is still "quoted everywhere", proving the popularity of the knowledge surrounding this particular restaurant icon.
Randy Gabin, founder of roadside magazine, confirmed in an email that "when we reported the story, we started to hear restaurant owners complain about customers stealing cups.
This question is one of the best.
The questions they raised.
"On the record, we never took Victor from any restaurant without the owner's consent," he added . ".
Garbin also noted that although Victor may have popularized the bottom
Heavy diners mug shape, they may not be the first to create it.
"Xuecheng China has provided the same cup [. . . ]
"We saw a catalogue of companies with this shape listed as early as 1926," he said . ".
"If you see such a cup outside today, it will be stamped with OPCO at the bottom (
Onongda Pottery Company).
Note, thrift-
Treasure seekers shop.
While the real victor mug has been discontinued, fish Eddy is a nostalgic place --
Those seeking a cup of honor (ahem)
You can find charming, sturdy dishes and recall the dinner of the past.
The company's aesthetic inspiration comes from the shape and trend of "fashion" in the mid-20th century.
The brand's original business was mainly from shut-
Restaurants, hotels, factories or major distributors. “[We]
Start discovering all of these incredible products, this incredible cutlery with a wide variety of designs, logos and amazing things on it. . . ” Kranes said.
The resulting sales, says Kranes, "show some incredible interest [1 [. . . ]
For the romance and love of the cause.
Today, fish Eddy sells products with his own background with Homer
Laughlin, the last existing American company. S. -
Factories that produce food
Serving tableware--
And the manufacturer of another popular collection carnival.
Asked about the appeal of nostalgia for dinner, Garbin explained, "at least most of us recognize that no one is building these things anymore, unique Things and high quality things in America are disappearing from the landscape.
"His comments echo those of the above-mentioned Amazon commenters: diners and their various souvenirs are associated with childhood memories, simpler times, or just delicious, comfortable food.
As for Victor's design, "it has gone through the ups and downs of popularity, but as a food,
"The service, the signature dinner, it's still very popular," Kranes said . ".
"I think it's an iconic American look, this story. -
I don't know how many people know, but the story is great.
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