the drink of kings makes a comeback - stainless steel wine cups

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the drink of kings makes a comeback  -  stainless steel wine cups
For a long time, Mead has been placed in the dust corner of history.
Drinks for Kings and Vikings
Is making a comeback in the United States.
But what is brewing for this new commercial lawn?
As we all know, they
From the drinks that were once decorated in Europe in the Middle Ages.
"Do we have honey wine producers or family winemakers in our group?
Ben Alexander asked, he looked at a group of more than a dozen people who came on a rainy Friday to visit his Mead factory in Portland, Maine. When no-
Mr. Alexander raised his hand and began to unfold.
He pointed to the two ceilings and said, "If you want to come over, I will tell you how this thing works . "
Stainless steel high columns filled with paste-like golden porridge.
"We mixed honey with water and then pumped water in the hot tub [160]71C]
In the stainless steel wire here.
About 50 to 75 gallons per production [227-340 litres]
"One cup of honey a day," Mr Alexander explained . "
He can be said to be fascinated by Mead.
This is the most typical local drink.
You can go anywhere in the world and find honey to make honey wine, which I think is unique in alcoholic beverages . "
After being introduced to the drink by a family winemaker, Mr Alexander felt he could make a profit in a commercial restaurant.
In 2008, he started the Mead plant in Maine, putting the savings and money of friends and family into the business.
Since then, with Mead's popularity in the United States, his business has also grown.
Each year, more than 7,500 boxes of personal operations are manufactured and transported to distant China.
Mr Alexander is not the only one to capture the commercial potential of mead.
Vicky Rowe, owner of the Mead information website GotMead, said interest in American products has surged over the past decade.
"We're from 30-
Over the past 10 years, 40 Meadows have made honey wine somewhere around 250, "she said.
"What I want to say is that everything that is old is new --
People return to the beauty of the past.
Even the visitors to Mr Alexander's meadery agreed.
Tour participant Dirk Hersmann admitted that while Mead, Maine's work was the first grass he actually visited, he noticed that Mead "became more and more available --
Similar to cider ".
Just this year, American business brands joined together to set up an industry organization, the American Association of honey wine manufacturers, to better share information and encourage industry growth.
But a lot of work needs to be done to improve the beverage image associated with the Renaissance Trade Fair and the reconstruction of the Middle Agesenactments.
"I think the biggest challenge we face as an industry is the perception of Mead," Alexander said . "
"You ask 10 people in a room if they 've heard of Mead, and two of them might say, 'Yes', only one of them has had a very positive experience.
"Honey wine from the past is usually sweet and not attractive to many drinkers who are just looking for good things to match their food.
But Mead changed later.
"People don't realize this just because it contains honey ,[mead]
"It doesn't need to be sweet," Rowe MS . " He cited the proliferation of not only dry meads, but also meads seasoned with fruits, herbs and spicy peppers.
However, the effort to hinder the establishment of Mead's consciousness is also the name of mead itself.
Technically, mead is classified as wine by the Tobacco and Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau, which manages alcohol sales and labeling in the United States.
This means that Mead has to be labeled as "honey wine", which does not help to combat the perception that this drink is so sweet.
"If you can't say the word, how do people recognize it as Mead? " says Ms Rowe.
Ironically, with the recovery of the honey wine business, the most acclaimed alcoholic drink is beer.
A recent report from the Atlanta Federal Reserve noted that the Manual brewing campaign was a source of job growth, and it inspired many family brewers to expand their repertoire.
"I'm a family winemaker and I liked mead at first because I 've never had a drink," said Brad dalhove of B Nektar meadery, Detroit, Michigan . ".
"Every family winemaker has the same dream, 'Hey, what if I could sell this? '?
Isn't that good? '" he says.
After he spent months making a batch of honey wine after batch, perfecting his recipe, he realized that honey wine is "an untouched category"
At least in 2008, there was a real commercial one.
So when he and his wife Kerri were fired during the recession, they decided to take the risk.
Now, B Nektar is the largest in the United States, if not the largest, shipping 1,100 boxes nationwide every week.
But it's just a start for Mr dalhove and his Mead lover.
"If you look at craft beer 25 years ago, they make up 1% of the entire beer market, and now they have 8%," says Mr Alexander of Mead, Maine . ".
"So we still have a long way to go, but I feel like it has a chance due to the diversity of drinks.
"There is no limit to your canvas.
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