the delights of an art deco home - swizzle stick cocktail

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the delights of an art deco home  -  swizzle stick cocktail
The transparent dripping waist on the Earl's daughter of Downton manor and the rocking of pearls tell us that we are immersed in the roaring age of 20 s.
This is an era that resonates with us, in which money is earned and lost, the property bubble is blown, and the stock market crashes.
It also offers a gorgeous piece of architecture and design that we are ready to rediscover.
What is coming next year is our long-term goal.
Buzz Luman is waiting for a re-interpretation of Scott fitzgerrard's The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.
All in all, it is dazzling, luxurious and indulgent.
At the end of the day, we will all ask for a silver recliner or a walnut cocktail cabinet with ice buckets and swizzle sticks.
Even the entire art deco house?
Jazz, short hair, crazy fun disappeared in a minute.
The rest is worth collecting.
Ann Best has a special rarity on his hand.
Sunpark in Brixham, Devon was built by her grandfather, who fell in love with the people in the middlethe-wars avant-garde.
"This is a house where you still need staff," she said . ".
"I have pictures of them drinking tea on the lawn, surrounded by pampas grass and palm trees.
"Her mother inherited it when she was a girl, but now she sold it through fufaz (01392 660007)at £600,000.
Ann still has all the drawings her grandfather made for the House, as well as receipts for small windows and other building materials.
"A spectacular feature is the circular turret, which works as a stairwell with an oak staircase and a chrome track with winding details leading to the solarium," she said . ".
"It still has the classic fireplace with the original Jade bathroom in black-
Edge Vitrolite tile, unit originally installed in kitchen with drag finish, same sink and drain board, walk
Spread with a cool slate.
"The house is listed on the second level.
"My grandparents are humble but have a real style.
He wore a beautiful moustache to darperley and made a joke.
They will leave with their hats and fur.
My grandmother is very modern. to-date.
"A well-preserved home of art deco: in the picture, the best art deco hotel in the world is a fabulous home of art deco, if nothing else, shirley McLean's arrival as the new Lady of Downton Abbey reminds us that this is an era of American influence.
Smoking and sun worship are all part of the fun.
Sun pattern broke out at the front door and got dirty
Glass windows in the suburbs.
Geometry in architecture and Cubism in art play well together, and Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen in 1922, which adds to the occasional presence of the Stephens or Fang
But most of them are about light and simplicity.
Twenty years ago, Andrew and Andrea Roberts first saw the kiln in East farnton, Leicester.
They loved its style and climbed up the round turret on one side of the stairs with a panoramic window on the top.
The couple couldn't afford it at the time, but it went public again 10 years later.
"We bought it for the sake of architecture.
"We don't need a new house," Andrew said . ".
Simple shape: Lincoln County kiln "it was designed for the general manager of a company that made liberty bodices in Harborough Market and did quite well as a wedding gift for his son and wifeto-
Said Andrew.
You can imagine that the couple's arrival will trigger gossip like Gatsby.
"The people we bought from there decorated it with bright purple pink, which is a way, but we want to show the shape and raw materials in white.
Wood floors were laid throughout, leaving the original fireplace.
Wherever they go, they begin to collect items for the art of decoration.
"We bought the pressed glass lampshade from a French dealer at Newark antique fair, which was taken from a hotel in southern France, and a lovely bedroom suite of burr walnut consisting of a dresser, bedside table and two wardrobes.
They were the people of that period.
There was a feeling of ease and fun at the time, with all the years of the Victorian era.
"Andrew and Andrea have moved to Norfolk to retire and have tried to sell the house listed as level 2, which has four bedrooms and a solarium, but decided to let it do it.
They will try to sell again next year.
It costs about £ 650,000 for five bedrooms and a three-story garage, stratht and Parker (01858 433123).
They wanted to sell the things in the house so they could be together.
One of the country's most respected art deco buildings is Eltham Palace, which is now in the hands of British heritage (english-heritage. org. uk).
It was built by Stephen and Virginia kotaurd in their thirties with a restaurant with pink leather chairs
Walls, aluminum-
Leaf ceiling and blackand-silver doors.
Pure affluence, and the use of exotic and fun newcomers
The materials made take away the breath.
All of these jazz: Art Deco properties for sale 1.
Sea Road, Cliff parade, Peñas, Glamorgan Valley, circular entrance courtyard, curved staircase, four reception areas, six bedrooms, views of the Bristol Strait, £ 1. 5m, Savills (02920 368930). 2.
Xishan, Harrogate, with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, overall garage and shared woodland, £ 895,000, Laifang (01423 530088). 3.
Somerset House, close to Somerset Bath, has four bedrooms, £ 1.
95 metres, Knight of Knight (01225 325999).
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