the coolest ice cubes around town - steel cubes for drinks

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the coolest ice cubes around town  -  steel cubes for drinks
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1978 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Fast, before they melt.
Perrier ice rings in party glasses around the city.
Some purists have become addicted to fashion and sparkling mineral water from southern France, and now they refuse to tarnish their bodies with ice cubes from the New York City water supply system.
So they are freezing their own.
"A lot of celebrities are doing this," said a spokesman for the French company.
"If you freeze Perrier in the freezer, you will still get a little bubble effect.
"The foam effect is always good on New Year's Eve, unless it belongs to the school of Gloria Swanson, an ice cube maker.
"I don't need hiccups," declared the health-conscious movie star . " He will freeze the cube with Valley brand still spring water for 1979 pieces of toast.
"Don't you think it's crazy to use this kind of water fish to die with ice cubes inside?
Asked Miss Swanson.
"Do you want to be in your body?
"On the other hand, many New Yorkers take the ice on New Year's Eve for granted.
The cube can be transparent or cloudy, round or square, with or without holes, can be purchased by the store or frozen by the family;
As long as the ice bucket is full, they will think that the owner has fulfilled their duties.
The packaged ice supplier said that the frozen ads are different from the commercial ones, and they believe that many 12-year-old Scotch whiskies have been damaged by the volume of the home refrigerator.
Homemade ice, they say, is white and cloudy, not as clear as commercial-made ice cubes.
Homemade ice cubes can taste the taste of refrigerated food, while commercial ice cubes can taste the real taste of the beverage itself.
In addition, according to Richard henler, president of leisure time ice, the melting point of packaged ice is lower than the type of household refrigerator because oxygen is removed from water during manufacturing.
"This is very important for some people . "Hendler said.
"The fast-melting cube will dilute the drink.
"For some people, especially former President Nixon, it is also important to have the shape of the cube. “No;
He just doesn't like the circle, "admitted Charles Hockenbury, executive director of the National Ice Association, which represents 340 commercial ice manufacturers.
"Nixon prefers what he said.
"Regular Cube ".
Hawkenbury said.
"Strictly speaking, this is not a cube, but a slender object about one and a half inches long and about three quarters deep.
"No matter how stylish the shape of the Ice Cube is, modern Iceman says their main selling point is convenience, clarity and purity of the product.
Of course, the logo on the casual ice bag looks primitive: an ice-covered mountain overlooking a green-lined Clear Lake.
"In fact, we use municipal water . "
Handler said, "but before we run it through our device, we filter it.
This is the reason to give you that beautiful, clear cube.
"The other thing that gives you a nice, clear cube is to boil the water first before putting it in the ice tray. True, Mr.
Hockenberiy agrees, "but look at the energy of boiling and freezing water you waste.
You 'd better buy your cube in the long run.
"A version of this file was printed on page A15 of The New York edition on December 29, 1978, with the title: The Coolest Ice Cube in town.
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