the coffee makers you can pop in your handbag: tessa cunningham tests out the must-have gadget for caffeine lovers - vacuum insulated stainless steel food jar

by:Koodee      2019-07-22
the coffee makers you can pop in your handbag: tessa cunningham tests out the must-have gadget for caffeine lovers  -  vacuum insulated stainless steel food jar
Drinking a cup of hot coffee on the way to work is one of the little pleasures of life.
But coffee
The price of the store is very high.
We're not just over 2 at a time.
We are also helping to destroy the environment.
As The Post revealed last week, Starbucks, Costa and other companies have been recycled for every 400 coffee cups.
But there is another choice.
As Tessa Cunningham explains, thanks to a bunch of smart machines you can make a single barista
Standard cup of coffee in minutes
Bring it.
Scroll down to watch video adventure on movebodrum travel coffee maker set with extra lid: £ 17. 94, amazon. co.
You're a French fan.
Style Cafe, you will love this portable mug with a mini piston in its lid
You can even put it in your handbag.
There are a variety of colors, which is one of the cheapest colors I have tried.
I open the kettle and while waiting to boil, put the suggested 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in the plastic cup.
I filled it with boiling water and stirred it before unscrewing the lid.
After waiting 4 minutes for the taste to develop, I lowered the piston and the piston pushed the ground to the bottom of the Cup.
Walking to the train station, I turned the spout back and began to sip.
The mug is well sealed, easy to operate, and very good to drink.
When you go home at night, you can put everything in the dishwasher (
Of course, after tipping the coffee grounds).
If you prefer tea, you can soak in the Cup without the piston.
The downside is that the thermal insulation of the mug is not good enough to keep the temperature of the coffee pipe more than 90 minutes.
Time: 4 minutes (
Plus the time it takes to boil the water in the kettle).
Hot time: 1 hour 25 minutes. And the taste? Delicious —
It's too smart for something you can carry with you.
Rating: ease daily grindCafflano coffee machine: £ 64. 99, lakeland. co.
This is for you if you like freshly ground coffee.
This is the first in the world to be imagined by a Korean businessman. in-
A portable coffee machine.
The secret is built in.
Folding manual grinder hidden in lid.
I carefully filled it with beans and then twisted it like a pepper grinder.
It takes less than 60 seconds to fill the metal drip with perfectly ground coffee.
I remove the grinder and gradually pour water through the filter, which drops into the insulated stainless steel tumbler below.
Then I screwed the lid back and left with my 250 ml large cup of fresh coffee.
If I take a handful of coffee beans, I can cook another Cup later in the day.
The cup is heavy-a sturdy 470g (just over 1lb)—
Because you have to put the grinder on the cover.
So, all in all, it's not very portable and you need coffee in an hour.
But coffee is the best I 've ever tried.
Really rich and strong.
Time: 4 minutes.
1 hour hot. And the taste?
Fresh and full-bodied.
Rating: espressompsso: full steam for £ 54. 99, firebox.
When I got this pocket
I thought I was sent a bicycle pump by mistake.
It's not surprising because not only does it look like a bike pump, it also works like a bike pump.
You force water through your coffee grounds with pressure.
Although it is very small21cm x 7. 5cm —
And it's super light and produces the same high pressure as the traditional barista machine.
All you need is boiling water.
It consists of four parts: espresso coffee cup, outlet head with filter (
Which place is the coffee)
The main body with lockable piston makes your beer and water tank.
After filling the filter with coffee, I screwed it into the body, filled the tank with 70 ml of the boiling water in the kettle and screwed it into the body.
As soon as I asked for espresso, I pumped the piston.
On the train, to my passengers's surprise, I slipped down from the cup, changed the position of the piston from locking to unlocking, and started injecting steaming into my cup
Although it is very hard, the taste is good.
There is no lid on the coffee cup so you have to drink it there and then drink it again.
Time: two minutes.
Hot for 30 minutes. And the taste?
Perfect Espresso
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