the blame game is on after residents call out city for not picking up recycling - good glass water bottle

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the blame game is on after residents call out city for not picking up recycling  -  good glass water bottle
Residents said that the streets of Newark left a mixture of cartons, plastic containers and glass bottles, and that the contaminated blocks were already inconsistent with the city's street sweepers.
"We have no service," said Louis Leto, a 35-year-old East Ward resident . ".
"My taxes have increased by $2 for the transformation (my house)
We can't get anything back.
"On Tuesday, when city officials issued conflicting statements about why no contractor handled recycling services, the complaint began to heat up ---
Angry City Council members have been frustrated by the constant calls from residents, some waiting to pickups.
"Garbage, more than anything else, reflects our concern for community residents," says East Ward MP Augusto ador . ".
"If we don't do well, people will lose confidence in us.
At Tuesday's meeting, Valerie gorston
Key, assistant director of public work, said former supplier Galaxy restocking, Inc.
He left his job in July, forcing the city to take on the job.
Gary Jordan, who owns the galaxy, dismissed the claims and said the city had not renewed its contract.
$399,000 copy of Galaxy, 90-
The emergency contract is due on July 31.
Galaxy also provided a copy of the email from Khalif Thomas, Director of Public Works, instructing the company to stop sending any trucks after August. 1.
Thomas did not attend the council meeting, but later said through a spokesman that the statement made by his own staff was "absolutely untrue ".
"The company's emergency contract has not been extended, and the city is also not satisfied with the contractor and has taken the contract out for a bid," spokesman Frank Baraff said . ".
Meanwhile, the city has sought help from the garbage contractor Basso garbage removal company to help clean up the garbageups.
No additional workers were employed in Newark.
But according to residents, the garbage collected has been piled up.
"They don't take half of the garbage and they skip people's garbage," Leitao said . ".
He recorded a video of the garbage truck collecting cardboard at 10: 45. m. Monday night. (
The city said the incident involved private contractors, not urban workers).
In the video, a worker heard screaming and swearing and left plastic and cardboard boxes in the rain.
City officials said on Tuesday they instructed workers to pick up garbage and return to pick up recyclable items.
But residents of Parani said he saw workers working at the same time and "put everything on the same truck ".
Giordano said: "Galaxy's workers were on the road before they were told in the first week of August that they did not need their services, and they also said they observed that Newark sanitation trucks would take these two
Mixing garbage with recyclable items is a violation of state law.
Wayne Deford, solid waste coordinator, Essex County Utilities Authority, said that if there is anything recyclable in the solid waste plant, they can refuse to load.
"Because if they don't, they may be fined," Defeo said . ".
Workers who mix and recycle garbage are being disciplined, Baraff said.
"Collecting garbage is basically our minimum expectation for the city," said Palani, who lives in the East Ward . ". "Atrash-
The relevant contract is what you negotiated six months and one year in advance.
You can't get it down to the last week and then get the contract to expire.
Asked why the city allowed Galaxy to close the contract without another supplier queuing up, Baraff said the city found another company in August to undertake the recycling service but decided to re-
When officials realized that the company did not pay the payroll tax, they bid for the contract.
Baraff said the city had no plans to introduce recycling. house.
City officials said they sent out new bids to 23 companies and only two responded. 6.
"Unfortunately, no one is willing to do the work for Newark," said Giordano . ".
Giordano said newark was in arrears with payments and had been in arrears with the company for several months. (
Zodannu also owns another company that distributes stars. Ledger).
The entire citysince 2013, picked by Galaxyhas upreading, is recorded.
Giordano said their 40 employees were residents of Newark.
Baraff said there was a payment delay earlier this year, but the city no longer owes money to Galaxyany and will not pay for any work completed in August ---
Although Galaxy said it sent trucks in the first week of the month.
He was frustrated because he did not communicate clearly with the residents.
"If they told us, we wouldn't have taken out all the cardboard," he said . ".
"We could have helped ease the situation.
"After the problem with street cleaning for several months, the recycling problem has arisen.
In mid-February, there was a conflict among the public. after fixing the frequency, it was decided to clean up its street,house.
Cleaning work remains inconsistent, residents said.
"We have residents who drag their cars away and issue a ticket, and street sweeping is not even done," said John Sharp James, a South Ward MP . ".
"Because someone didn't finish their streets, the police didn't drag their cars. . .
There is no excuse. "[
Editor's note: The story has been updated.
A city spokesman said recycling services had not yet been introduced.
A city official said at a public meeting that the house was temporary. ]
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