the best cocktail-making accessories - cocktail drink stirrers

by:Koodee      2019-08-06
the best cocktail-making accessories  -  cocktail drink stirrers
While we never need excuses because today is the national cocktail day, this is the best reason to drink martini.
What's even more impressive is if you can show a little bit of skill at home, just use some of the pieces and bodice on your drink cart.
If you think it all sounds a little sad and "budget", think again: mixing a decent negroni in your own living room will give you and your friends some serious props.
We have selected the most fashionable cocktail making accessories for grinding, beating and brewing at home. 1.
Watford color Crystal bartender color glass adds a touch of elegance to any cocktail (
Maybe except strawberry daquiri)
Especially if it's so delicate.
Provide your best mixture in these Watford wine glasses for a little laid back charm.
John Lewis, £ 200, buy it now.
Jasper Conland ice bucket is ready, mojitos full of ice bucket.
It makes you look like you know what you're doing.
£ 28, Debenhams, buy it now.
24ct Diamond incidentgold-
This martini glass is made of golden stems and a tea tray of moderate size, which is very beautiful.
James Bond will be very proud.
A pair of 140, not on the street, buy it now.
OhShinyPaperCo Handmade Cocktail StirrersLong cocktails do not need much decoration except for the Jazz straw.
Throw away the old striped plastic and instead buy some for yourself.
4. Etsy, buy it now.
The LSA International Polka Champagne light pot will send out dreamy pastel tones in the summer to come, so pick up these and take them out to eat --and every-occasion.
They also made great accessories for an adult.
Okay, boozytea party.
32. Fraser's house, buy it now.
Oxo Steel cocktail filter remove all cocktail pieces with a decent filter
Use a spring wrap instead of a simple mesh, as it will be much easier to clean and will bring the smoothest result.
27. Amazon, buy it now.
With an amazing drink car like this to drink the trolley, Oliver Bonas will find the trolley and more Don Draper.
Oliver Bonas, £ 350, buy it now.
Debenhams Crystal DecanterAny beverage manufacturer who deserves their salt will have a beautiful hand cut decan water heater.
Even if you throw a bottle of JD in it, it looks elegant, no.
People will never know. . .
£ 48, Debenhams, buy it now.
The final touch silicone ice hockey mouuldsforget Group;
These days, it's all about ice hockey.
In addition to what looks really cool, they actually have a purpose too: they melt more slowly and cool your drink for longer without dilution.
John Lewis, buy it now.
James Bond, our favorite gentle drinker, said: Drinks should shake instead of stirring.
Investing in classic designs like this will not be wasted-
It will last for many years and will never be out of date.
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