the bauhaus: its influence on hospital design and wine labels - glass wine glasses

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the bauhaus: its influence on hospital design and wine labels  -  glass wine glasses
There are fewer Ludwig Smith van del Roch.
German-American architect, one of the pioneers of modernist architecture1886–1969)
This year is the centennial of the creation of "Bauhaus" by German architect Walter Gropius, and Rebecca Watson wrote on the Weekend FT on April 7, 2019/6: "Bauhaus is excellent: it never really left [].
She went on to say: "The reason why Bauhaus can stick to it is because its principles can be attributed to the general idea of functionality, simplicity and innovation . "
The campaign lasted only 14 years, but its legacy remains.
The movement violated the Palestinian Mandate of the Nazis and many associated people to immigrate to the United States (now Israel)
And South Africa.
The modern architecture of Tel Aviv, which contains many "Bauhaus" buildings, is a UNESCO heritage site.
Although Bauhaus's original movement had a socialist tendency, this philosophical view was abandoned after 1936.
In addition to the obvious impact on the architecture (e. g.
Seoer building and Metropolitan Building on Park Avenue)
Today, many designs are incorporated into works of art/furniture in places like the Museum of Modern Art (
Museum of Modern Art
Gift Shop in New York.
In the UK, the home store in Conran and the nearest IKEA (IKEA) may represent a "modern design" that is readily available.
The reach includes the ubiquitous iPhone and many desktop software.
Does the "Bauhaus" campaign have an impact on hospital design? Yes.
Tony Munk quoted in his book "hospital builders ["] "hospital function and design research related to the University of Bristol"]
Claim; ‘it (Hospital design)
It is based on the modern movement principle of the time, that is, the form follows the function.
The Venice hospital project by Le cobussier is the most famous design of the "Bauhaus" hospital, but it has never been realized.
Many hospitals in Britain and Ireland are in Victorian buildings, and some hospitals in Ireland are even housed in eighteenth-century houses.
A modern movement that focuses on functionality;
However, this is one aspect that the hospital did not consider widely before 1900.
In Siena, for example, one of the oldest hospitals in Europe, Santa Maria de la Scala, was not used as a hospital until 1996.
Like so many things, from music to furniture, not everyone is in favor of the modernist movement.
Some people think that the design of the hospital is too clinical and lacks humanization.
Architects and doctors Dr Diana Anderson has been at the forefront in an attempt to raise awareness of the importance of incorporating the well-being of employees and patients into hospital design [].
A few years ago, I fully agreed with Dr. Anderson and tried to improve the environment of the national bone marrow transplant unit at St. James Hospital.
I am not confident enough to equate myself with the great figures of Bauhaus, but in 2005 I introduced multimedia interventions in the national bone marrow transplant department at St James Hospital in Dublin.
This is to reduce the "clinical" of patients and employees to the environment ".
I asked an artist to paint in the hallway and in the air. lock (Fig. ).
The artist proposed painting the walls in the colors of the county football team.
He thinks everyoneeven nuns)
Will identify with their own county colors.
He was right. it made me more brave.
I then formed a team that came up with the idea of creating a virtual window consisting of various still and moving images in the patient room.
With financial support from the Irish Cancer Society and the leukemia Bone Marrow Trust, a randomized, prospective psychological study was conducted.
The study and its results, published in 2011, show a beneficial effect of the "open window" on levels of anxiety and depression, but above all the level of expectation for patients with bone marrow transplant [].
Painted walls of the transplant ward at St. James Hospital.
How about Anthony Edwards, senior clinical photographer, wine glasses, wine labels and Bauhaus?
Riedel, one of the most important wine glass manufacturers, said their designs were influenced by "bauhaus.
Wine labels are highly diverse and many producers still favor castles and heralds.
However, some of the labels are affected by the Bauhaus design.
Recent conversations with Bruno weidmer of La Brancaia, Tuscany confirm this (Fig. ).
The speech by Lucia, sales and export manager, La Brancaia, was attributed to the owner, Bruno weidmer.
Wine label of "Cantina" and St. Dominique castle designed by Jean Nouvel
Obviously affected. Figs. and )by the Bauhaus.
Wine label from tuscanyphoto La br. However, not all wine glasses are affected by the Bauhaus.
The champagne coupe is said to have been designed according to the chest of Mary Antoinette or Mrs. pompado (
They must be very small! )
Recently, Kate Moss and Claudia shiver apparently have their breasts used similarly.
Personally, I prefer champagne flute (Fig. )
It's definitely not a woman's breast!
Who would have thought that Bauhaus had influenced those areas that seemed unrelated?
Hospital, wine glass and label design.
As Fiona Makasi mentioned in her new book, Walter Gropius said in a statement: "If I have talent, it is the relationship to see things]. Champagne flute
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